Thursday's Gratitude Practice

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Wanted to share Thursday's Gratitude Practice with you
On the right you see a photo of my daughter at preschool with a craft that they made in hand, she is absolutely someone I am grateful for and then the fact that we are able to afford preschool is something else I am truly grateful for. On the left you see where I wrote these 'blessings' down; from the other photo I mention that I feel nothing but love that my husband agreed when we bought our home that the spare bedroom could also dub as my craft room so I am completely grateful for that no doubt.
As for the journaling I just recorded the highlights from the day, first being that I got to go enjoy my youngest daughter's first 'school' party with her at her preschool and then later that evening we got to enjoy another Halloween party, one of our newest neighbors invited us to their home so the girls and I went to that as well.
Here is that 'other' photo that I mentioned and the blessing is that not only do I have a space to craft in that is pretty much all mine, I have lots of supplies and tools to create with and well honestly there are no words that could convey how grateful I am for this, and the hobby, and the passion, and the mindset, and so on and so forth. There is no doubt that although at times I am sure I drive myself crazy with all the ideas racing through my head, this hobby - this passion - keeps me sane, it is truly therapy for me.

So there you have it, a very quick peek into my Thursday and an idea of what was speaking to me for the day. Are you keeping up so far with the things and/or people in your everyday that are important to you, are they getting their due recognition? I hope so and I hope you'll keep with it.
Thanks for stoppin' in and make sure to check back in this weekend for the final two days of my Gratitude Practice - Week in the Life Style

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