Friday's Gratitude Practice

Hello Hello
Here's to Friday's Gratitude Practice and I'm hoping everyone had a happy and safe Halloween
So here just like the whole week so far I have included the list of what we are grateful for and then two photos that support what I wrote and/or give another hint as to what else we are grateful for. In the photo here I took a picture of my oldest daughter carving her 2nd pumpkin ever, because up until last year she never wanted to get her hands all yucky, so I'm grateful that she has finally gotten over her aversion to pumpkin carving and that in the process of it all was attempting to talk her little sister into trying something cool is that? Totally worth documenting. In the other photo of course I have a picture of both girls dressed up in their costumes and well I mention that I am grateful that our youngest girl has a mind of her own and didn't want to be one of the masses of 'Elsa' this year...she wanted to be a...
Here's a peek into how our Halloween day went down, in the morning we took it easy after I made breakfast, it was nice because neither of the girls had school. Then later that afternoon we had to go to Sams Club but once we got home from there and got everything put away we carved our pumpkins - which always ends up being so much fun - then of course what comes after dinner and after it gets dark?
yes that is my youngest...did you figure out what she wanted to be this year?
a Werewolf!!! and let me tell you, trying to find a 4 year old little girl a werewolf costume is a bit difficult, at least the week before Halloween it is but all-in-all I think I did pretty good in getting her into costume.
Well thanks again for taking a peek, make sure to take a peek later on today because I will be posting the last day of my Gratitude practice which was yesterday so you don't want to miss out.
We do hope you all had a happy and safe enjoy the weekend!

just B


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