Saturday's Gratitude Practice

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Welcome to the last day of Gratitude Practice here on my blog. This week has flown by and I can hardly believe with all the thoughts and ideas around Halloween that it is already come and gone...just like that.
So lets take a minute and slow down. Here is my last day of documentation of 'blessings' or rather Gratitude Practice. Brene Brown is a social worker that I have followed for years, her work is heartfelt on so many levels in my life I can't even describe it. What gave me this idea to do a Gratitude Journal and document throughout the week is kinda interesting. I actually discovered Brene's work through another one of my long time favorite bloggers/scrapbookers - Ali Edwards and she does this little project (not so little but really cool) called Week in the Life which has been live all this week on her blog and well I knew I didn't have the time this year to do a full on WITL so I simplified it with Brene's help. Unbeknownst to her I learned through her that practicing gratitude would bring about more joy in your life and so I did this about a year ago, I attempted to do a mini book on people, places, and things that I was grateful for and you know what?...
It wasn't like lighting striking or thunder rolling type of help but more of a gentle rain type of help, I could breathe deeper and I could relax a little faster than the day before, I looked at my girls with a different thought in mind first rather than the half a dozen things that I needed to bring to their attention so that next time they wouldn't get in trouble. So this year I decided to try giving it my full attention for a whole week and helped...
again...maybe even more subtly than the first time but I think with practice and patience I could get the hang of it and if it creates more joy and more smiles and more laughter...than why not?

Okay so for today, well Saturday the list reads that I'm grateful for some really good neighbors, this one in particular who has also become a really good friend. Also it touches on the fact that even though my oldest girl and I tend to 'bump heads' quite often, she is definitely my spitfire and most definitely my mini me...and I love her resilience, I love her bubbly personality, and I love her...plain and simple.
 The highlights from our day read like this: 
so finally a Saturday off with no plans, no parties, no 'to-do' lists a mile long (well okay maybe that) so what to do - the girls watched tv most of the morning after I made pancakes - then I did just a few chores before Andi came over to scrap with me; dad (meaning my husband) was @ work & got home @ 3pm. At around 5 Andi picked up her stuff & went home - which just so happens to be next door & I made dinner. After we ate the girls watched a bit more tv, Bill went to meet his buddy Doug, and I watched tv while I finished up some unfinished scrap books - fairly good day!
So there you have it a Week in the Life of practicing gratitude and what better way to end than to just say that I am also grateful to each and everyone of you that take the time to read the posts and look through my blog. Would I do it anyways...of course but it's a whole lot more fun when I feel that someone is learning something or being inspired by something that I created. I will tell you I learn something new myself almost daily and I may not be an expert but I believe in sharing what I have learned through my own trials and errors and so if it makes it easier to learn from my mistakes than why not...right?
Thanks again

just B


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