12 Days of Christmas CD Mini

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G'day to ya!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!!!
I know we sure did - nothing beats time spent with family

Now on to Christmas...lol

So today I have a mini book for the 12 days of Christmas. I don't know about you but I'm not religious nor do I want to get into any discussions so I will mention right now that when I made this mini book it was solely with the Classic Christmas song in mind. That being said I should also mention that there are none of the song's lyrics in here either...go figure? This is quite simply a pocket style mini book that will suit your 4 x 4 Instagram photos perfectly.
I kept the entire book very simple on purpose yet it is still elegant. There are pattern papers in each CD envelope pocket but they are attached to the binder rings so in order to adhere your photo to the actual page you would have to remove the page from the rings pull out the pattern paper, adhere your photo/ephemera, and then reassemble the page. I know that sounds like a bit of work but...you could also just throw your photo in the pocket and not worry about adhering it because the pocket does actually close.
I also intentionally kept to a low key color palette so that it wouldn't clash to much with colorful Christmas photos. Of course you may be able to see from the photos that the red color I did choose is more of a burgundy and paired with the silver it makes a striking combination which in my opinion is what grants it's elegance.
As I mentioned this is a pocket mini and the pages are clear CD envelopes that do actually close. These envelopes are so fun to play around with and certainly to make books with, my draw to them is that they are clear so you can see right through the pocket...it's something different.
As for the embellishments, they are all die cuts that I have on hand and some are cut from regular card stock and others are cut from a specialty paper that is silver in color and has a unique texture to it, love this paper and can't remember where I got it from so I may have to do some huntin' around until I find some more.
I should mention that the die cuts do repeat themselves at least twice throughout this mini, so you'll have the lamp post a couple of times and then the corner flourish a couple of times along with each of the others a few times as well. I think in doing this it keeps the book consistent especially when you may be using photos that are of the same holiday period but not necessarily from the same day.
Also as I mentioned I made this mini book with these pages specifically for Instagram photos, now some of you may be wondering "what the heck...I don't do Instagram" - well I'll tell from my own research that there are plenty of on-line companies now-a-days that will print almost any photo in the popular 4 x 4 size, just type in a Google search for that particular size and see what your options are. I just ordered my first batch from Persnickety Prints, as soon as I get them in my hands I will let you know what I think. I have heard greats things about this company so I thought that I'd try it since I needed a bunch of 4 x 4 prints to finish up a few Christmas gifts. 

Last but not least, this mini is bound using the Tim Holtz binder rings and therefore all of the pages have their holes punched for you, all you have to do is figure out which photos you want to print and then toss them in.
A very quick mini book to put together and durable enough to set it on your coffee table so that all your friends and family can flip through it, just another reason I chose to go with the clear CD envelopes, everyone can see the photos without getting their fingerprints all over them and they hold up nicely as well.
So there you have it, I hope you like it. It would be a fabulous way to document your Christmas holiday in a smaller format. You could quite honestly even add in some of the story, just use your computer to type it up and then print it off in a 4 x 4 square, cut it out and then add it in too...simple.
Thanks for taking a moment to check this out, if you are interested in this or anything else I may have up here on the blog give me a shout out in the comments and I will get back you as soon as I can.
Thanks again!
just B 


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