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I'm back again but this time with something different. I had a few more layouts that I wanted to share with you. This one is from last fall when I did like 8 in a weekend after not having done any in almost a year.
Crazy right?
Well I'm at it again, I think that I must just work against the grain, for so long that is all everyone did but not me. Now everyone is doing the pocket scrap booking but not me, I'm kicking it old school now and loving every minute of it. 
I find it ironic actually how I used to be totally against doing traditional layouts because they felt so limiting but now...I find them freeing. I have let go of some 'rules' that I found didn't agree with me and once I did...well the rest is history (as they say) so here soon I'll even have more to share with you.
Now for me with this layout, I don't often get myself in a photo that I like and this 'selfie' actually wasn't too bad so that's why I went ahead and scrapped it. Plus last year I turned 40 and I think (as much as I dreaded it) it does deserve documentation. As for the layout it's incomplete but you still get the overall feel of it and eventually I will find my voice for it as well.
The other ironic thing about this layout is that I used mostly older product from my stash and I like that I think. These days with all the ideas and inspiration on-line through Pinterest and/or Instagram, it's easy to fall back in love with some of the oldies but goodies. So the challenge for you and me this week is to see if we can create one single layout completely from older products...say at least two seasons old, that should be easy enough...right?
Oh and if you get stuck and 'need' something else go to your scraps first and see if you can make something in there work.
***Just try it***
 because I think you might surprise yourself and then if it happens to you like it did for me, all these new possibilities start creepin' in, and all that money spent years ago will finally pay off...YAY!!!
So you see it's a Win Win
Hope all of this helps you out in making the leap back into whatever it is you love about this hobby, whether it be printing new photos, using new vs. old product, or just getting in there and getting it advice...Enjoy It!!!
Thanks for stopping in and here's hoping you have a fabulous and creative week.
just B


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