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I have been up to my elbows in photo processing, trying to get the cheer mini book series listed in my Etsy shop, can't say this is my most favorite part...to be completely honest. I will say it is a ton easier having PS Lightroom to aid my processing speed but it's still a struggle for me to decide what looks right because I'm still trying to figure it all out.
Slowly but surely...right?
However for today I wanted to share with you a gift that I made for my oldest daughter's teacher this last school year. She has been a wonderful educator for my daughter, full of enthusiasm and encouragement so I wanted to give her a special gift that she could make her own.
I found out through the Room Parent that her favorite colors are pink and black and it just so happened that I hadn't yet added any color to one of the many mini books I had made for the Pirate Cheer Mini Series here, so I used this extra one that I knew I wasn't going to re-create for my series and finished it specifically for Mrs. Hays...with pink and black.
The actual book is made using the 6 x 9 catalog envelopes, I get mine at Staples, I used 6 for this mini book and folded them according to the measurements I wanted to end up with - which was that my main page would hold a 4 x 6 photo. The covers that I add to the front and back envelopes are medium weight chip board and for the outsides I go ahead and cover them with a black and white pattern paper. On the inside of the covers, I normally wait until I get the envelope adhered first then cut a separate pattern paper piece to fit inside the envelope pocket that I have created and that also covers the rest of the whole...hopefully that makes since, as for the back cover...the envelope covers it so I don't need a second pattern piece.
Another thing that I did on this mini and most of the reason I didn't re-create it for my series is the die-cut fold out flap, I had punched the flaps before I added on my covers-maybe before I even adhered all my envelopes together, but when I did make all the other minis similar to this one I forgot about that part and had already added my covers so my punch wouldn't fit due to all the extra thickness from the chipboard. It was a lesson well learned but it is what it is so this was the only one like it. And I'm kinda happy because it made for a really adorable teacher's gift.
Now I'm hoping from the photo above that maybe you can see the pockets that the envelopes created, when you fold them up and cut off certain ends...you get lots of pockets...so that's what I did. If you look closely you'll see on both sides a pink card stock piece with a tab on it, those all pull out for Mrs. Hays to add her photos to, then there are the journal cards that you'll see on the left side tucked into that pocket - the top card says 'TODAY' on it and there are a few others tucked in behind it, this is where she can document her story if she so desires. 
On the cover I added a strip of diamond bling mesh to cover the spine where all 6 envelopes were adhered together, this definitely adds a flare of elegance...along with the flowers and the muse token, I think it looks absolutely stunning. I chose the word 'knowledge' for obvious reasons and then well the closure that I created for this is just darn cool, it clips closed with 2 bull nose clips linked together with a silver chain, love it.
So there you have it, a one-of-a-kind mini book complete with photo spots for several 4 x 6 portrait style photos and lots of journal spots. Of course with all the pockets this mini has there is a ton more room to add even more.
Hope you like, if you have any questions feel free to ask. I am thinking that since this is one of my favorite mini books I may have to try doing my first tutorial on it, I'm not making any promises that it'll come together but I may have to give it some thought.
Anyhow I hope that all of you enjoy your weekend and get some creative time in there, thank you so much for stopping in.
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