Anniversary Canvas

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How is everyone?
I'm feeling a little romantic as of late so I thought that I'd share an Anniversary Canvas that I made for my in-laws last year on their 50th year.
Ain't that somethin'?  
I find the approach that I take, as to how I decide what to do first, an interesting one. I can't say with any certainty that I really even have anything to do with it really. I just start somewhere, usually a coat of paint...then maybe an image that I printed off from the web... 
then it's as if the canvas takes on a life of it's own, directing me instead of following my direction. Once the piece is complete it's like I have no comprehension of what I had imaged beforehand.
but surprisingly enough, exactly what I wanted...sometimes even more...
For this I knew I wanted the 5 arrows on the music sheet and the music title, "A Lovely Rose" aside from that everything else was accidental. I found the 'marriage certificate' in my collection of vintage images that I had downloaded from the web and thought it would be really cool if that was something you could actually pick up and look at which is where the envelope idea came from.
The lace reminded me of a wedding dress and so therefore it was kind of a must, along with the white beading and the white satin trim, they bring it all together.
In with the certificate I added a 'congrats' label and added them both to a postcard that you could pull out and look at, making this piece interactive...kinda...
Once I gathered all the pieces that I wanted in a sensible fashion I went back in with some smaller details to enhance what I had already started. I began with our family name and then the anniversary year, added lots of roses, some other tidbits and then my favorite 
-> the cameo piece.
(can you spot it?)

The final outcome...

I have to tell ya, after looking at this again it makes me want to do another piece, maybe one for myself this time. I absolutely love working on canvas, it's a whole new world and the possibilities are limitless. Thanks for taking a peek, I appreciate it. If you have any questions please feel free to comment me, I would like to hear from you. Until next time...
just B


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