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How is everybody? Keepin' comfy cozy I hope! If you're trapped in the Midwest with me today, make sure you bundle up because 
it is cold outside.
if you wanna hang around with me for a spell we might be able to warm things up a bit... go grab a cup-o-Joe and then cop-a-sit.
I have a treat for you today! 
I want to share this wonderful Senior Grad Album that was a custom order from a coworker. Thankfully I finally have it done and thankfully she ordered it way in advance. Typically I like to have, at the very least, 3 months to do a custom order for the simple fact that life happens and sometimes it just gets in the way and also (lets face it) some days I just can't seem to find my creative groove (it isn't pretty).
Thankfully today isn't one of 'those' days
So without further ado, lets have a look! The way I originally wanted to start this book was with some basic information about the graduate to get a feel about her: 
where is she graduating from 
is she involved with extra curricular activities
does she have a college in mind
will she be receiving any scholarships
so on and so forth 
Unfortunately I didn't receive much to go on except that I was able to find out where she will be graduating from so my starting point seemed obvious from that...I'll go with team mascot and school colors...simple enough.

An Indian Chief 
Mustard Yellow and Grass Green
Probably not exactly what a graduating senior (female) would find flattering. I mixed it up a bit. I ended up using the grass green as my inspiration and then jumped from there head first. I added in the black right off the bat to give the whole piece some contrast, then thought to go with the lighter shade of green to lighten it up a bit, then said 'what the hell' and added in the teal since it's such a hot color right now anyways. Nothing wrong with being trendy right?
(just say right)
My thought, while creating the pages, was that she would probably be similar to the rest of us who are addicted to all these social media sights. Being young, probably has several friends, all of which are getting ready to graduate, she most likely is taking lots of photos with her cell phone so I brought in another 'fad' idea which is the Instamatic theme or photo theme. We all know how big Instagram is, along with Pinterest and whatever else there is in the way of social photo sites so this seemed 'right' to add in. It's an element that will help relay what's going on in the world today-at this moment-and what a great way to keep that documented in a senior book as well. Think about what her  kids will wonder years from now when they are flipping through these pages.
In the album throughout, I also added several Simple Stories Snap refill pages because if I'm going to regale a photo theme I certainly want her to have lots of places to add those photos in. So now not only does she have the option to add photos directly on a few of the pages, which would be perfect for those afore mentioned Instagram pics, she can also add several into these 4 x 6 photo sleeves.
Now as we all know, usually with photos comes stories...sometimes lots of interesting stories, ones that need to be remembered; so in my efforts to keep with the whole idea of memory keeping, (whether she'll be keeping all of her school years here or maybe just high school or could only be her senior year doesn't make a bit of difference) I included lots and lots of tags, and journal spots, and Project Life cards. There are many, many ways for her to get those stories down in this book.
Okay next I've also included several stickers that all relate to the 'big day'. Most of them are along the lines of the actual day: grad cap, the diploma, the year; but there are a few random quotes in there too that I think will help give inspirational direction. Graduation is a milestone, it's the doorway into becoming an adult and to me that is an important one. We should all encourage and support our future leaders to become their wildest dream of success.
I didn't bother to add photos of the blank pages because they are blank but they bare mentioning because I think that there are some other elements worth documenting from her days actually at school. For example I had a copy of my class schedule, and I had a parking pass, and I think I had an activities pass to get into the school games, then of course there are the ticket stubs from the events, and play bills from our theater department. All of these ephemera pieces add up too, they are apart of the story and should be treated as such, so I left 'open' pages for such said items. 
Lastly I have a couple of string closure type of envelopes that I adhered to the front inside cover of the album and now the back inside cover of the album. I really just liked them but then I thought, wouldn't that be cool for her to maybe jot down just a few career goals or life goals that she'd like to achieve within say 5 to 10 years, and use these envelopes as her time capsule? (Sounded cool in my head at least but you know)
I suppose they would also be a good spot for whatever advice is past on to the graduate, kinda of like a hidden garden of sorts. Anyways, you get the idea.
So there we have it - a very cool Senior Grad book for a young lady to add whatever she deems worthy of belonging in here. 
What do you think? Do you think that she will like it? 
I certainly hope so...I do! 
I thank you and I appreciate you taking time out to look with me, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me, I'll be happy to answer whatever I can. If you would like to see this album from cover to cover check out the video below and thanks again!

just B


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