Gone Fishin'

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How's everyone today? 
just real quick I wanted to share this altered shadow box that I made for my father-in-law back in 2012 for father's day.
Over the last few years (since I got my Nikon DSLR) I've been trying to refine my process of how I upload my photos, then process them, and save them on my lap-top. In this continuing madness I had somehow misplaced these photos, so now that I found them and have processed them...I thought that I'd share. This piece turned out really cool I thought, whether or not my father-in-law thought so who knows (lol).
The first thing that I did was get out my map, I found the area that these two went fishing and then scanned that into my computer. Once I got it pulled into Photoshop Elements I was able to work with the whole piece a little easier-touching up the color, narrowing in on the spot that I was aiming for, and then printed it off onto a 'brochure' paper. 
the next thing I did was figure out how I wanted to attach my photo to the whole piece, I knew I didn't want to adhere it to my background because I wanted their to be a way to change it out in the future if possible. So what I did was make a hanging canvas print.
I printed the photo on to a paper backed fabric, then once it was completely dry I adhered that to a piece of chipboard and finished off the back side. I used my crop-a-dile and punched my two holes at the top and then finished them off with two extra large eyelets. At the top of the shadow box on the underneath side, I adhered two adhesive hook & loop pieces(sold by 7 Gypsies) about a half an inch from the front, so that my photo would kinda swing when it hangs. 
After I got those two main focal pieces in I started on the details. Using lots of pieces from Hobby Lobby's doll house collection, I added on the sand at the bottom, complete with a fishing pail, a fishing net, fishing pole & lure, and then a wooden post that boats use to tie off to. Along the side on the left I added a leather piece to act as a shop sign, and on the right I used an actual fishing hook & line and added a round sticker to it. On the very outside of the box I wrapped some jute and then at the top I added the wooden square letter beads that read, 'a day of fishing'.

So that's pretty much it, I think it is super cool and I had a blast working with the shadow box, will definitely be doing more of these projects this year or at least that is my plan...we'll see. Hope you all have a wonderful crafty weekend and thanks for stoppin' in, I appreciate it.

just B


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