Flowers For My Lovelies

Hello Hello
Okay just as I promised, the last of the older layouts and probably my favorite of all. A couple of reasons are:
I used my stash
I used not ONE not TWO but THREE pattern papers TOGETHER-hello-huge AHA moment
I did journal but I hid it
I did some layering - hence the patterns
I painted around the photo
and well...speakin' of a witch...
it has a picture of my lovelies right smack in the middle of the page.
I distressed in all kinds of ways:
ink, edger tool, paint (as mentioned a moment ago), the torn look.
I rolled the top left-hand corner down and tucked some flowers in behind it, then decided that wasn't enough so I added more flowers to the top of that same corner and then added more still to the middle of the right-side of the page where you'll see the tab for my hidden journaling and another torn roll. I added bling and pearls and whatever else I could find that I thought would go with the over all look, which of course is vintage. You know me, I'm a sucker for anything antique.
As I mentioned this is by far one of my most favorite layouts. And aside from all the reasons I have listed I think another main reason for me is because I used only one photo; I happen to love this photo but still I find I am more in-tune with the voice of one rather than several that end up over powering one another (at least that ends up being my results usually if I use more than one or two).
So what are your thoughts, does this help you or are you way more advanced than myself? Not that I'd be surprised by that, many scrappers are well beyond this level and I'm okay with that, I figure all in due time. So what are your plans for your next layout? Do you even bother with them anymore or have you jumped on board with the whole pocket scrap booking that has been taking over here lately? I really don't guess I have an opinion on that, I like to do my own thing so much of the time and I suppose if that means that at some point I want to pocket scrap then I'll be happy I have that choice as well. We are very lucky in our craft domain that there are so many different avenues to take, so many ways to keep learning and expanding our creative powers. I feel blessed that I have the time and the resources to be able to enjoy a hobby that speaks to me on so many different levels, I know for a fact that I am a better person for it, I hope that you feel the same and take any or every opportunity that comes your way to give back what you've gained.
Thank You so much for stoppin' back in today, I appreciate you letting me share a bit of my obsession I mean passion. Coming up later this week my plan is to share a Senior Grad Album that I made as a custom order, I do hope you'll come check it out. 

!!Now go and get crafty!!

just B


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