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Okay gang I'm back again with another older layout - this one is of my youngest daughter when she was just a little over a year old, I believe, playing with a balloon from my older daughter's birthday party.
After having looked through some of these and trying to pay attention as to why they are some of my favorites I have come to the conclusion that it's all in the coloring. I vaguely remember now several years back hearing somewhere, to pay attention to the colors in your photos and tying that into your layout...well in these most recent layouts that's exactly what I did and I really do believe now that that's what makes all the difference. 
Now before you go and call me 'late to dinner'
remember I did disclose that I am not a traditional scrapper and so therefore a lot of the rules that apply to layouts don't apply to me...or so my theory goes - so - I should be allowed a handicap...or maybe at the very least a mulligan...(hee hee)
Another aspect that I really like within these layouts is that I've only used one or two photos-maybe 3 if they're smaller, but anything more makes it feel crowded and really what's the point of that if one or two tells the story...right?
Other wise in my opinion you'd either need to do a double layout (which I refuse to do anymore ever) or if you really have that many photos - why not make it a mini book - isn't that what a mini book is for? Especially if those photos all have stories attached to them...
I'm just saying asking?
So it's become obvious to me after studying these layouts that I love, my 'wing-it-and-see-what-happens' attitude that I adopted for years just wasn't working out so well for me. So that's why I decided a few years ago to run with this new-to-me philosophy and try the color approach to creating layouts...sure glad I did too because I have really enjoyed liking what I'm seeing around here lately. Not that I'm complaining about the way that I do my thing (scrap art) but on occasion it would be nice to feel more comfortable with a more traditional style and for now...
 it's just FUN!
So I hope this helps you, any of you, if you're struggling with finding your own flow. Go with what feels right and look at the things you create, the ones that really make you smile...make you deep down inside proud, run with that. Study it, figure out what's speaking to you and RUN...that's you GUT telling you that you're on to something.
Something Great!!!

just B


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