Foretelling a Little Girl's Curl

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Are you ready for some turkey later on this week? I sure am, I love me some turkey - especially the way mom makes it, throw in some stuffing and some jellied cranberry sauce - oh yeah now we're talking.
Oh and on Wednesday mom's coming to my house to finally teach me how to make her amazing pecan pie...lucky know I can't hardly wait for that for sure!
but enough of that talk, you're making me hungry & I think I just gained 5 pounds so stop already :)
So I figured for today I'd share another layout...they seem to be center stage right now...last weekend you'll never guess but I did 8 new ones! For me that is insane! I don't think I did that many between 2011 and 2012 combined. I can't say that they are all 5* but I like 'em and usually that's half the battle for my critical eye, so I'll be excited to share those soon and see what you think.
 Now as for this particular layout, you'll notice that I actually have the journaling done, that's quite a feat in it's self. But honestly I like the simple journal blocks. The white journal spot is a digital product that I found @ Designer Digitals, this happens to be one of Ali Edwards - whom I go to lot for the simplicity of her work but there are a lot of other talented designers there to choose from as well; this one with it's rounded corners and simple prompts just felt right so that's what I went with.
Another element on these journal spots that I like a lot are the white paper clips, that I added on with a circle punch, because they somehow kinda remind me of the old safety pins that mommas used on cloth diapers...looking at it right now it just works. And the different ribbons with their muted tones add to the softness of the page, love that.
The last element of this page that really stands out to me is the corner curl, totally love this and have done it a few other times in other layouts. I try really hard not to use some of my favorite techniques (if you can even call this a technique) to often because I don't want to wear them out, I know it sounds silly (I'm laughing at myself even saying it) but it's true - at least in my hare brain. In this particular case though I like it because if there was a way to foretell of a baby's...look...down the road - this would be it, my daughter has a head full of curls now, has had them since she was about 6 months old but you'd never know that from this photo because she was only 5 months old, but how cool is that? As for the curls? Well you know...
(Secretly I'm hoping that she keeps them, they're just so darn cute-even if they are a pain-in-the-arse to brush out every night).

Also on this page that I just really noticed is the Disney clothing tag...I've always liked keeping things from 'real life' to add in but then I rarely actually add them in but this time I did and now I realize completely matches the entire! ...who knew right? Love that so keep this in mind, especially if it's from a favorite outfit because not only does it work in this sense it would absolutely work on a 'teen' page, think about it...they are already crazy about clothes so why not add the tags in, could even keep the price tag (in a hidden pocket) that'd be fun to find a few years from now
...or maybe not :o

(heeheehee-I'm not laughing while you're crying...nope not me)

I'm just saying is all :)

Alright well there you have it, hope this gives you some ideas to try - let me know how they go. I always enjoy learning new things and certainly I love to share them so here's to you, take what you will and make it your own. I thank you for sharing your time with me for just a little while, hope you'll stop in again from time to time, until then...
Keep calm and scrap on!
just B


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