My Mind's Eye Lost & Found Christmas Special Edition

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How was everyone's weekend?
Simply wonderful I hope. I had a fantastic weekend with my best friend and her family; getting to catch up and relax, we even paid a visit to a well-known scrap store in the St. Louis area called Red Lead - here's the link to their blog, check it out.

As for today or rather tonight since I am a bit behind, I have another Christmas Mini Album to share.
This one is 6 x 6 and made out of medium weight chipboard. I covered all 6 pages using the My Mind's Eye Lost & Found Christmas Special Edition paper and then inked all the edges with black soot.
I also included a couple of clear CD envelopes that are essentially two extra pages. They both have a double sided photo mat with a cut guide to help with getting photos down sized correctly so that they will fit properly in the mats...that's important you know.
The green mat helps the photo mat stand out against it's facing pages and then that piece just tucks into the CD envelope. What a great space for the extra special photos that need their own light. 
Love it!
On these pages I did something completely different, I added two small pockets with a few journal spots in both and then on the opposite page I added a couple of Polaroid frames - the thought was that those would be perfect for a couple of Instagram photos - since this is all the rage right now. (I included a cut guide for these as well to make it super easy)
Here's just a close up shot of the journal spots that tuck into those two pockets on the left page.
Here is yet another spot to journal on, this one is a double sided tag attached together giving you lots and lots of room to document your holidays. A few of them do have a sentiment stamped at the top, like this one above with the 'Christmas Joy'.
That double tag that I just showed tucks into this pocket on the left. And of course as you can see that pocket has another journal spot. Love that there are so many opportunities to record the details, I also find it ironic because that's always the part that I personally struggle with...'what to say?'
I did make some extra large photo corners for a couple of the pages so that you could add in lots of extra photos, ones that are important to you or to the story but maybe just didn't win a prized spot. These corners would also be great for adding in your ephemera. For example, one year I kept the tag off of a pair of fuzzy socks because(well they're my favorite in the cold seasons)it was Christmasy and because it went along with my why not right?
So some finishing touches are the ribbons that are on the book rings just to help soften up the edges a bit, and then of course the cover that helps define what the book is about. My favorite on the cover is the December calendar, because it's not just Christmas Eve or Christmas Day that's the whole month that make this holiday what it is, all the parties and family gatherings, all the decorating and planning...that's what makes it so special and these moments are worth documenting and remembering.

So there you have it - I hope you like what you see.
If you have any questions please leave me a comment and I will be happy to answer as soon as I can or if you have any suggestions, by all means voice them and let me know - I can always benefit from sound advice.
Thanks for stoppin' in!

just B

 If by chance you are interested in this, it is currently available for purchase in my Etsy shop, just click the link in the tab up at the top and it will take you right to my store front...mind you that is still under construction (lol) so it's nothing fancy.


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