A Layout...What?

Hello Hello
How we doing? Good?
I sure hope so, I have had a great weekend so far-happens like that when you take an extra day off from work. But I assure you I was still working...
in my craft room that is.
Not sure what has gotten into me lately but I have been itching to do some regular 12 x 12 layouts so that is what I worked on all day yesterday...
I didn't get very far unfortunately - out of practice I guess but no bother because I have an older one that I would like to share with you today.

I promise this will be super quick!

I believe this layout was done in 2011 and the photos must have been from around 2010, because my youngest daughter is barely sitting up in these photos and she just turned 4 a week ago. But this one still happens to be one of my favorite layouts - lets take a look.
So what I like most about this layout is the fact that I was able to repeat some elements, but one in a different way. So if you look in the photo above you'll see the white die cut piece there on the left, well in the photo below you can see the negative of that die cut image in kraft which I then used as a frame around my quote. 
Talk about striking, well that's just cool.

Also you'll see that I repeated a couple of the paper doilies beneath the photos, I did this to bring in some more texture since I knew that all these light colors might not give a lot of visual weight. It certainly did the trick and that was exactly what I had hoped.
My last favorite is the kraft color with the lighter cream and yellow. I really like the neutral palate for the softer photos, I think it works rather well because it allows the photos to still be center stage, just as they should be.

So there is my layout, hope you were able to gain a bit of insight for your own projects - using those die cuts as well as their negatives will essentially give you twice as many options - so give it a try.
Thanks for sharing my creative side today - hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend!

just B


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