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How are you today? I am busy but in a good way. I am in full craft mode right now trying to beat the holiday rush. 
I try every year to make as many gifts as time allows and to create a new Christmas tree ornament too for everyone in my family. So far though I haven't quite nailed down my thoughts and well if truth be told I haven't a clue what gifts I'm making this year either, least not yet.
Actually for a while now I've had difficulties in keeping a train of thought. It couldn't possibly have any thing to do with the two little monsters...I mean these two adorable girls who insist on calling me mommy...not at all. (lol)
Any who...this is what I thought I would share today. I was certainly inspired when I decided to do this piece. I was stalking one of my favorite places on line, a site called Pinterest...ever heard of it? (heehee)
And I typed into the search box mini mini books and it brought me to this, and well...
I completely fell in love!
I have always had a thing for miniature things, in fact wasn't it an 80's thing to have a miniature shelf full of miniature treasures? Well if so then I was certainly a girl of the times because I had one loaded with stuff-I believe I even still have most of the stuff, just no shelf now **note to self: miniature shelf**.
Okay so this being my first one attempted a couple of months ago, I think that I still like hers better, but that isn't going to discourage me because as I got to reading further into her post she points out that her covers she did with polymer clay and I did not and she also incorporated some jewelry pieces that currently I do not own and don't know that I will...but more importantly I'm thinking...
how cute would this be as an ornament idea for this year?; add a couple of famous quotes from some great Christmas movies - in my family A Christmas Story is a favorite - that would be funny to add in. Also my personal holiday favorite is It's A Wonderful Life so a few quotes from that would be fitting as well I think.
I could certainly change up the cover to make it fit the season, do a different closure and voila la...Christmas ornament for 2013! I like. I believe also, just in the past few days, I have found a site on line that featured a really great tutorial on how to stitch the entire book from scratch, so I may even go back to that and revamp this one with a newer version if I can figure that out. So we'll see, it's pretty bad when I don't even know what I'm going to do until it's done. But that's the whole point-getting it done-so which ever.
Alright well I hope everyone is inspired to get their Christmas on. I will be posting later this week with some not-so-Christmasy things, just other things I would like to get out there. And then hopefully next week I can get you all up to speed on what's been crafting so feel free to stop in again soon and thank you for spending a few moments of your day with me. I always aim to please so do leave me a comment or a suggestion anytime you feel the gumption.
Have a lovely day!

just B


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