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How is everyone?
Today I want to share a piece that I made for a friend of mine for her vacation. I'm calling this a 'travel folio'.

My finished piece ended up being a 5 by 7 with an 1 1/2 spine to accommodate the stuff in between. The main construction is done in medium weight chipboard and then covered with 'Miles Away' paper collection by Colorbok (this collection is ancient).
 I couldn't decide exactly what kind of travel book I wanted to do for them, so the other night while I was catching up on some blogs that I haven't read for quite sometime, I came across Jim's, The Gentleman Crafter...and well...he is always an inspiration. Eventually I will do his 'wallet' his way - but for what I needed it wasn't quite right so I changed mine up a little bit.

So this is what I did come up with.
I knew I wanted a place for photos, so in Jim's version he has a pocket on the left side that holds his passport; I followed his tutorial and created a similar pocket that's a bit larger so that mine would fit some 4 x 6 photos with ease.

Next on Jim's, the right side is a series of fold down file pockets, well that's where it really didn't fit what I needed so I thought for a moment about what I'd want if I were going on a trip...I'd want a place to document some details, to jot down some tidbits and what-nots. So that is when I came up with the idea to make a mini book for my mini travel folio.

I used some plain white card stock as pages, then I used some of the pattern paper and made some pocket pages(they hold some journaling tags). I then added on some stamped journal spots to the actual pages to make even more room for all the juicy details, added in a couple of sayings/quotes and then used a backing paper so that I could tuck it into the book sleeve that I had already attached to the inside back cover of my folio.
Now on the book sleeve that holds my mini book into place, I also added a string tie closure pocket, why you ask? - well I was thinking that sometimes you come across those machines that will flatten a penny with an embossed image of wherever it is that you're at, this would be a great place for those. 
The pocket pages aren't really ideal for keeping heavier pieces in them (they'd fall out) only the tags and maybe a couple of small photos, so that's why I added this extra pocket that closes.

That's pretty much it, seems simple enough but what a great place to keep track of all those wonderful moments that just happen in a flash. I don't know about you, but I'd be lucky to remember even half of my vacations if I went solely from memory alone, that's partly why I enjoy scrap booking so much-it helps me keep track of the stories and memories that I love and at times cling to
so desperately...until that next one comes around.  :)

Here's just a short video, check it out if you so desire. I thank you for stoppin' in and checking out my latest piece, hope that you like it. If you have any questions please feel free to comment me.
Thanks Again

just B


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