DIY - altered file foler

Hello Hello

How is everyone? Fantastic I hope

Just real quick I wanted to share with you another video that I found not to long ago. Just like the last time with the photo wallet, this one is super fast and super easy.

This is an altered file folder, just one to be exact and it even has a couple of pockets and a pen holder. Love this!
I'm thinking this would make a great Christmas list/coupon holder/receipt holder
and how magical would that be to have that all in one freakin' place..right?

In my next one, oh yes I plan to make several of these, I thought I'd add in a Guest Check Slip too beneath my prong paperfastners. That'd be cool don't you think? Obviously I will be adding something to the front cover so that it isn't so bland but for the idea in itself - well I had to share.

Hope you enjoy - Go - give it a try!

just B


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