For Today but Tonight

Hello Hello

for today...

does anyone remember when these posts were popular? it's been awhile since I've done one and thought that it might be something different - of course mine will have to be tonight because well it's already...tonight so...(nevermind)

outside my window...I can hear the traffic on the highway that sits right behind our house, thankfully it's never very busy

i am thinking...that there are just not enough hours in the day for me to get all the things done that I need to do let alone all the things i want to do

i am thankful for...oh so many things-right now the peace & quiet sure is nice and the electric blanket on my bed, warming it up as we speak that is also nice - i am thankful that i must get up and go to work in the wee hours of the morning and that my girls have a wonderful lady who cares for them that early

from the kitchen...nothing to elegant, in fact in the last hour the only thing it has accomplished is a very hot pot of water for me so that i may have my tea if you please although a small bowl of cereal does sound rather tempting - i found some loose granola @ the grocery store this past week and it is really tasty

i am wearing...a pair of yoga pants that i love to do my work out in and just a long sleeve athletic top in bright sunny yellow because when it comes to the gym - i have to be motivated and yellow is one of my motivators - it's just energetic (and if you're wondering...NO...i haven't been to the gym today...these clothes are just really comfortable)

i am creating...Christmas mini books as of right now, at least that is what is in process - i really should be doing that instead because I need to get them finished but you know how procrastination works

i am reading...a couple of things right now - sorta - I have on my nook the final book in the 'Beautiful Creatures' series almost finished - then i have gotten about half way through 'The Light Between Oceans' by M.L. Stedman, an actual book - the other day while i was waiting for my daughter i started 'Twilight' again on my phone - then last night i had a new book sitting on my night stand called 'I'm the Vampire, That's Why' and well i just couldn't resist so i picked it up too

i am hearing...the sweet sounds of silence - both girls are asleep leaving me to my thoughts and all the 'to-do's' that i didn't get done earlier

around the's a bit chilly (hence the electric blanket) and now that i think about it...maybe too quiet...i am use to my husband watching Sunday night football but he is away this weekend helping his dad with the harvest...hum...funny the things you miss when you sit and think about it

one of my favorite things...right now without a doubt is my Yankee Candles - the changing of the seasons just wouldn't be the same without them, at least for me, they are what get me in the mood for the change, help ease me into them if you will...just so happens that Fall is my second favorite season next to Spring so it doesn't take a whole lot of convincing

a few plans for the rest of the youngest daughter and i have a girls day planned with my mom, my grandma, and a couple of my aunts to celebrate one of their birthdays and i can't hardly wait...i love my family i just wish it wasn't always so hard to get together with them...such is life

a photo to share...well two actually and they were taken several months ago but i haven't had a chance to share them yet...they are two different views of an envelop mini album that i made back in the Summer for my younger brother and his wife to celebrate their wedding so i hope you like it and thanks for stopping in

just B


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