25 Days of Christmas

Hello Hello
What's up peeps?

Can you even believe that Christmas is right around the corner? I am not usually a fan of even bringing up the dreaded "C" word until after Halloween but this year for some reason I am a 'no holds barred' and I'm actually excited about Christmas...projects that is.

A couple of reasons:

1} I'm itching to create
2} there are a lot of really good paper lines out this season for the Holidays
3} being completely honest-I needed to get something in my Etsy store 
{aside from Halloween stuff}

which reminds me



So what did I do you ask?

Well I went to Creating Keepsakes Expo a few weeks back and I made minis...
lots and lots of minis

Right now you are looking at one of the minis that I made while I was there. On this one I used the Simple Stories 25 Days of Christmas because I was drawn to the bold colors and the fact that the red isn't exactly red it's more of a rusty maroon or maybe even a brick red. I have never really been a fan of cherry red and it seems in years past that's been more the tradition, thankfully more and more companies are getting away from that.
In here I was able to use a couple of my stamps to create journal spots. In the photo above you get a pretty good look at both of them, the larger one in the background on the left page and then of course this cool little dude right in front. I will tell you that they are both from the same line, which is 7 Gypsies but I do not know if they are still available. The set is called 'Journal' I believe but I know when I got mine a couple of years back it was hard to find. 
As you can see in this particular photo I have a couple of other stamps as well that I thought would be a nice touch, the 'Guest Check' is a Basic Grey stamp from the collection Guest Check. And then the one in the back ground that kinda looks like a luggage tag is by the Girls Paperie, the line is called 'On Holiday' but just to save you the trouble this particular line has been discontinued and this was the only place I could find the stamp.
When I started to create these minis I wanted them to be multi-functional, so not only did they need to be able to support photos - no matter how small - they also needed to have lots of room for the story. Might I remind you that these are made using toilet paper rolls, that's where you get the pocket page for the larger tags and that is also why the photos are probably going to do best @ 2 x 2. My vision was...

I don't know about you but I am completely addicted to that phone app. Instagram is just freakin' cool. I don't play games on my phone, I don't do FaceBook(often) from my phone, I do photos; lots and lots of photos...and there is nothing more instantly gratifying than loading up a pic, pickin' a frame, and then processing it...all in a matter of minutes. 

Okay...so enough hype...sorry
(but seriously...you gotta get it)

Where was I?

Oh of course, Christmas minis.
So another thing I was conscious of when I made these -and I say 'these' because I did make 3 different ones all out of TP rolls- was that the places you were able to write on were accessible. So I used my Jenni Bowlin tab punch to create essentially a tuck spot for my journal spots (and of course the one photo you can't really see it in is directly above so just scroll up a couple of photos and you'll see it). What happens is when you glue just the edge of the bottom and adhere it to your page, the top of it is still open or unattached so you can tuck your photo into it and it will help keep it in it's place...
now isn't that cool?
Just remember that if you're going to do this @ home always use glue (this is what I use). Anytime you want to temporarily store paper or a photo or ephemera somewhere within your project you don't want that piece to get stuck in say a tape line because as you know the sides of those tapes are adhesive too; where as glue will dry completely therefore allowing you to pull things out easily without the worry of any damage.  
Okay so there we have it my first mini of the season. I will be sharing more hopefully throughout this weekend but for sure next week so if you're looking for any ideas...you know where to come. If you have any questions or suggestions please leave me a comment and I will get in touch with you as soon as I can. I appreciate you stoppin' in and taking a peek - Thank You!

It's All Hallow's Eve 
make it 
Home Safe

until next time
just B


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