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Today I want to share another 'How To' You Tube video with you - now I will admit that this one is certainly more involved than previous videos I have shared but I think this one would be a good jumping off point for some of you who are ready for the 'next step' or possibly those of you who are bored with cards &/or layouts.
Okay so here's the scoop, this one is made with a 12 x 12 sheet of card stock, then covered with pattern paper. Or of course you could just use a 12 x 12 double sided pattern paper, but then you'd want to make sure that your paper is fairly sturdy. Now if I had to say that there's a drawback, it's that being made primarily with card stock and pattern paper it most likely will NOT have any longevity but if that's all we have to fret about...that's not to shabby. 
I knew when I started this that it was going to be for a friend who was going on vacation so I kinda went with a tourist look.
So my pocket box mini is covered using Echo Park's 6 x 6  Note to Self paper pad. Love all the rich colors and cool graphics of this line, and it's versatile. I added lots & lots to it as well, stamped images that went along with the paper line, a couple of Simple Stories' journal spots and just whatever else I could find to match.  
What I love most about this project are all the ways this thing opens up; talk about interactive, holy cow - there are flip ups and flip outs and flip downs plus not to mention all the little pockets to tuck things into and hide. That is what makes me absolutely adore mini books, the fact that they are just so much freakin' fun.
The photo above gives you quite the sneak peek
Above is a snapshot of the pages inside a tiny mini for quick little notes, maybe a sign that you caught on the side of the road, or one of those message boards that businesses use - sometimes they say the funniest things.
 Here are a couple of larger journal spots that you could record a bit longer story or happening. It's also not a bad idea to include all the facts of a trip: who all went, where, the dates, etc.
This little guy comes completely out giving you yet another opportunity to write down some moments as they happen.
So there you have it, a super cute mini that has tons of potential, lots & lots of room for stories and random thoughts, plus you still have room for smaller photos if you so wish to include those as well - Instagram photos would look awesome in here, especially with this paper collection.
So I challenge you this weekend to check out the video and give this project a 'go' and then let me know if you did or didn't like it.
Thanks for stoppin' by.

Have a fabulous weekend!
just B

video here


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