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How's your weekend so far? Are you gettin' crafty? I wish I were but I'm doing the next best thing...
I'm making homemade salsa this weekend and believe you me, it is GOOD! I'm hoping to have maybe a dozen or so pints when it's all said and done.
Oh and my oldest daughter and I went school supply shopping, nothing like waiting until the last minute but it's still always a favorite in our house.
So today I thought that I'd share a layout that I did a few months back, it's not super embellished and there's not a lot of product on it but I still really like this one and the reason being...
all the actual products used: colored card stock, pattern paper, foam stars, stickers, and even the thread have been in my stash for over 5+ years and I finally used them and I like them even though they are old. 
The reason I like 'em so much is because I was able to use 'new' ideas along with those old products and so now to me they look 'fresh'. The first idea was to use the thread and sew directly on the page, something I have done before and will certainly do again, especially when I can take the stitch right through the middle of another element (the blue foam stars) love this and it makes me want to drag out all of my foam pieces. The next idea was stamping directly on the layout, now this I don't normally do because I'm always afraid I'll screw it up but ya know it all worked out okay. The last one that I want to point out is the over spray that I did all over the layout, it adds that distress to it that I love but in a completely new way. I accomplished this look using Tim Holtz's Distress Marker Spritzer here, this little tool is so awesome, it adds a whole extra layer to your project without the bulk and if you are wanting to add some strength to your hands, just sit and use this tool for a while and you'll certainly build some muscle, but honestly for the price I love it. 
A few other bits and pieces here and there, some stenciling done in the upper right hand corner using spray mist, the addition of some wood veneer pieces, and then some of Tim's Findings from his Idea-ology line to complete it.
So there you have it, just a few more ideas on how to use up some of those older products, just add in some new and shake it up a bit you'll see - it'll be 'fresh' and look 'new'!
Thanks for comin' by, hope your creative juices are hot and heavy this coming week and until next time...
craft on!

just B 


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