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Hello Hello
How is everyone?
Fabulous you say...Wonderful!!!
Happy Holiday Weekend here in the US...
Thought for today I'd share some of my recent Instagram pics and then apologize for the late post this week and last - around here we are getting readjusted to school schedules and with a 4 year old having to learn the ropes it's been rather time consuming so getting my posts done at a reasonable hour just isn't happenin' quite yet but we're almost there.
Besides that I have been spending lots of time in my craft space getting some new things done and a ton of new things started. I have learned of a local event taking place here in my hometown that I may be able to be apart of to help draw attention to my craft and hopefully me as an artist so I've been brainstorming trying to come up with some fresh ideas that will hopefully sell. Some of my ideas are still just that - ideas - and others are in process as we speak but eventually they will all get done and then I can share them with all of you...yay!
Unfortunately last weekend I put to much stress on one of my favorite gal gadgets and it was just to much for her to bear...she bit the dust last Saturday night...I busted not just one but two of her arms from over let that be a lesson for you...if you overload it - it will break...
I'm super sad because this Clip-It-Up by Simply Renee has been a wonderful stamp storage station for me for many many years now and unfortunately I have to come up with something new because these were discontinued many moons ago...
So here you have it...
for now this is what's become of all of my stamps. Using the same clear envelopes and the same clips that came with my Clip-It-Up, I grabbed some 1 1/2 inch book rings attached them to the pole in my craft closet and then essentially hung all my stamps up like clothes. I need to get some more book rings and some more clips but otherwise I can actually see my sets much better having them spread out like this in the closet. Also being that they are now at my eye level, which before they were knee high, makes it a ton easier on my back and/or my knees depending on if I bend over or squat case you needed yet another storage solution for your stamps that's my idea. 
So...nothing super interesting today just wanted to jump in here and let you know I do have lots more in the works and plan to have a regular post up hopefully tomorrow. In the meantime I hope you have a wonderful weekend - maybe have a spell with some family and friends making some new memories or perhaps your idea is to take it easy or create a new masterpiece - just let it be from your heart because life is to short not to.

just B


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