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Just wanted to pop in real quick and remind you of how simple this hobby really can be.
I happened to be at Office Max a few weeks ago and they had several scrapbook items on clearance and so I went for it, thought it'd be an inexpensive yet fun summer project for both of my girls.
Now they actually had the chipboard book and then separate papers that were already cut to the shape of the book (which I can't say I've ever seen before) so granted that saved me quite a bit of time, but once I had all the papers adhered to the pages the rest was super fast.
Not only did I get the book and the papers, I also grabbed the black quote stickers, the puffy stickers, and the silver letter stickers. Other than my photos that I printed off at home later that evening, I don't believe I used anything other than what I bought on clearance.
Now is it the best I've ever done?...
honestly even I can admit it's not the 'best' mini book I've ever put together but you know what?
It is cute and more importantly it's done, the memories have been documented before everyone forgot and for that I really don't care that it's not the best. It's also for my four year old who absolutely loves it and looks at it quite often and that makes me smile. Besides that anything more eventually over time would just get ruined with little hands constantly looking at it, and carrying it around, and showing it off to anyone and everyone...right?
So if you've been sitting on the fence for awhile about whether or not this is the hobby for you, try a few items that are on sale or better yet clearance, sometimes stores will offer smaller packs of papers, grab a few stickers that match, a tape runner...and with a little bit of imagination and some memories printed into photos, you could also very easily make your own mini book.
It's just a thought...oh and by the way very soon I hope to be able to aid you in your search for an inexpensive scrapbook 'kit', when I have all the details figured out I will make sure to let you know.
Until next time, thank you so much for sharing in my passion.

Have a fabulous weekend!
just B


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