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How's it going? To early to tell...
well I hope that you are inspired to do what you love today!
I am going to share with you a mini book that I made a little over a year ago for my youngest daughter. I suppose you could call it a bloomin' box mini.
It quite looks like a box that once it's fully open...bloomed. The way that I created this was to first take two sheets of heavy weight card stock, cut one of them to the size that I want the finished size to be, then for the second one I cut it down by 1/4 inch of the first and literally set it inside the larger one. The only part of these two boxes that are attached together is the middle square. Everything else needs to be free to open and/or close. 
With that being said, as you can hopefully imagine, all four sides of both boxes will open and lay flat...essentially. Granted you have to open each side -'layer'- as it comes because that is the way that I designed it but you get the idea.
In this photo above you come to the very center of the inside box, and so for that I included this adorable Memory Box dress die adhered to a tri-folded journal card that I included the photos that I wanted to display in this particular piece.
The journal card actually has a circle Velcro dot added to it so that it will keep the card closed while you attempt to open the boxes.
Then just like the outer boxes you have to open the journal card also to find the surprise inside.
This is the box when it's fully open, all four sides resting at ease and the journal card revealing it's secrets...
It's rather a fun project and let me tell you, my daughter was absolutely in awe of this mini book when I finished it for her and said, 'here you go sweetie'. I think she carried it around for almost 2 months. 
top panel of larger box
top panel of smaller box
bottom panel of larger box
bottom panel of smaller box

Another part of this piece that made it all worthwhile to me is that I didn't buy anything new for it, all the papers that I used are actually several, several years old - same as the stickers that I used - some of the embellishments pieces as well and you know what...
It didn't matter one stinkin' bit.
I love that - in fact I think I mentioned that last week some time that it's okay to use those older products in something new, honestly, who cares that it's not the latest and greatest? The point is that you are documenting a memory, giving it a voice and making your story matter and in the end that really is all that truly matters because you matter.

right side panel of larger box
right side panel of smaller box
left side panel of larger box
left side panel of smaller box
So there you go, My bloomin' box! I hope you like it and give it a go for yourself.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend 

live your passion


tell your story!

Thanks so much!
just B


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