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I have a quick share for you all today - take a peek. This mini coin envelope flip book is what I made for both of my girls several years back for 'Happy Heart' day
{aka Valentine's Day}

I knew starting out that I wanted to create a flip book - not sure why that's just what was in my head - also I knew that I wanted to use coin envelopes - besides the size of them I liked that they could hide secret notes.
Added in with those envelopes I created a die cut page and cut it in half, I did this twice so that I would have several pages to give the book some weight. 
Here is a black die cut page that I had cut in half, also you may notice the front and back cover is the same die cut but in pale pink.
Once I had the type of pages figured out and the binding method I would use {books rings in this case} I started creating a collage on the front and back of each page.  
Except for the front sides of the envelopes, there instead I added on a journal spot and did notes to both of my girls in each of their books for each of these pages. 

I kept  the collage simple, in fact on the front of the black die cut pages I repeated the collage because at the time I knew I didn't have a lot of time to be fussy and I had to make two.
So there you have it - one of my many silly little Valentine's.
Hope you enjoyed taking a peek and just maybe I've inspired you to give something like this a go for yourself or for a loved one.
Hope your 'Happy Heart' Day is full of love and joy!

just B


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