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I have another quick Valentine's share, this is a piece that I made a lifetime ago it seems now, my guess is 2012 or maybe 2013 - I honestly can't remember at this point. 
 I started with an empty product package - the heavy weight of it I thought would be a good cover source so I cut out two pieces to use for the front and back. I love using clear plastic in many of my pieces {vellum too}, that subtle hint that teases the eye before you turn the page completely...ooo...love that
 I must admit that for all that I used in this adorable mini flip I haven't the slightest clue as to what it all is now. Most of the products that I used to embellish this were older ones to begin with. I do hope you'll forgive my lack of memory...lol
 One thing that I do recall is the binding, I used my Bind-it-All {I loved that tool for many, many years until I purchased the Cinch} but in using the Bind-it-All I was able to add any and all the different sized pages I desired...
 so I went with a few tags, a pocket, plus an extra clear page making it a bit more interesting and somewhat interactive but not overwhelming which would be easy enough to do for sure
 this particular mini book is a bit peculiar in it's own right simply because it doesn't lend itself to photos, in fact the only spot if at all to add a photo is here within the pink pocket - for a mini book this is actually quite odd - this piece is more of a show piece and as it turns out happens to be one of my favorites
 so although there isn't room for photos I did give myself a spot to journal in if ever the urge arose, clearly so far nothing has inspired me to add in any words or thoughts...hum...continually one of my biggest fears is ruining my piece because of my handwriting or worse yet - my musings
anyhow you get the gist and hopefully have enjoyed the walk through of an oldie but goodie - my hope is that even if you don't write or photograph any part of your life it's still okay to be creative - for the simple fact that it is joyous and gives way to beautiful little creations such as these.  
Hope you all have a great day or evening wherever you call home

just B


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