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 I'm back with another quick share, it's a bit late since Valentine's was middle of the week but this is a fun one and I've been wanting to share this for awhile so I'm going for it. I made these card boxes in 2013 for both of my girls for Valentine's Day, as a parent I'm guilty of wanting to spoil my girls any chance I can but I really didn't want to get them chocolate because they didn't need it and I really didn't want to get them another stuff animal that would add to the mess of an over abundance of stuffed animals already so I came up with this idea. 
 I made little Valentine's cards, about a half a deck's worth. The front of the card is a bit of advice for them or an idea for them to keep in mind
 The back of the card is a little gem, something for them to do or something for them to decide or something for them to get.
 I made them super simple and kept the reward simple as well
 But they loved the entire set
 I think that this project will be one that I revisit when they are both older - when I can be even more creative.
so maybe this idea will inspire you to come up with your own coupon cards 
 The idea I kept in mind while creating it was that it would be positive and healthy 
 I am always aiming to keeping our thoughts and actions in a positive and kind manner with each other and with others
I also want to knit our family closer every chance I can - when we're home together - that's when I want my girls to feel that they are loved and that they are safe  
I try to encourage both of my girls to put themselves in someone else's shoes for a moment and not to judge to quick nor to harsh
 I also attempt (to no avail) that they be kind to each other but so far that hasn't panned out very well, they are sisters after all
 Ultimately I wanted to create for both of them a unique and creative gift that would make them think beyond themselves now whether or not I accomplished this who knows but it was worth the effort
 So as I mentioned I hope that I was able to offer you an alternative gift idea for next year, maybe skip the chocolate and stuff animal and give them something to think on
 They'll hopefully be able to enjoy the moment for a while
 Family time is worth so much more than we value it these days lets get back to making our family time and our family ties important again 
 I thank you for stopping in and giving this a look see, hope you found some inspiration within and now go seek it out for yourself.

just B


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