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Back again for another quick share, this deep sea gem was created by me for my husband's cousin Rhonda. We went on a family vacation and stayed with her and her boys for a week in the summer of 2016 so this little guy was my way to "thanks". She lives in California so I thought the seaside theme was appropriate
(don't you love the tiny plastic ticket 'Let's Sail Away')
This is a waterfall folio that I created using Graphic 45 By the Sea Collection with a few combined ideas that I found throughout YouTube. I love the inspiration that YouTube provides but when I set out to create my own pieces I tend to stick to my own voice and influences
 I love tags & pockets and bits & bobbles...pretty much anything that allows the reader some interaction and makes them feel connected - I believe this makes for the most memorable kind of scrap book
For these tags I made them double sided, one side to jot down the memory and the opposite to serve as a photo mat. You'll notice the tag is a lot taller than wide - not a normal photo size - it's okay you just have to pay attention to the orientation of the photo you choose, you'd want to use a portrait style photo then crop on one side or the other so that your tag frames evenly on all sides.
so the waterfall looks something like this - of course each flap lays flat but just to give an idea as to where the name came from
each flap is staggered by whatever the creator decides - for me I like there to be about a half inch between each of my flaps so when they are all laying flat there is just a bit of the next flip up peeking out
 but every once in awhile I will make the stagger only a quarter of an inch - then the next flip up is a complete surprise because nothing peeks out
so there we have it - a waterfall folio - hope you are inspired to give something new a go - as I mentioned there are a ton of tutorials on YouTube if you are a newbie just type in waterfall album tutorial and it'll bring up several videos for you to check out. My advice though - I would encourage you to watch more than one because even though the first video will teach you something - watching several different videos will give you choices and ideas and inspiration and then it just goes on and on from there.
So are you ready?
Get Set...

Just B  


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