December Daily days 15 - 17

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How is everyone? Hopefully warm and cozy if you're any where near me, Old Mr. Winter has returned and without welcome I might add. Oh and my laptop has decided to be quite touchy lately making getting any kind of 'work' done almost impossible. But here I am again and finally with the rest of my December Daily Album...yes I finished it...sorta...I have a ton of journaling to fill in but otherwise I'm calling it done. 
Day 15 starts on the right side of the album and then follows through two full pages.
For the documentation I was actually glad again that this was the year for me to do this project because we had several firsts that I was able to capture including our youngest daughter's first Christmas Concert with her preschool. 
Certainly something worth remembering as she stood up on the stage with all of her classmates and belted out the two songs that they had rehearsed for their portion of the concert, she was the only one anybody could hear and see doing any of the motions that went along with it 
**sniff sniff-I'm a proud momma**
On the back side of the second page I included a journal date sheet that I still need to fill in but I thought it would be cool to include all the fun things that we did over the holiday season and to be able to see them all together in a list form.
On the opposite page we have the girls getting ready to open their Advent Calendar surprise (a little something I threw together before the holidays).
On the back side I decided to include some of the inspiration that I found surfin' the web while out and about. In order for me to fully appreciate it I do a screen shot so that I can go back to them as I have time...I printed a few of those off and included them.
Also for this page I added in a smaller clear page that has in large gold letter the two words:
On the right hand side I included photos of some of the projects I was also working on at the time, most of which became Christmas presents for family members.
For the back I kept it simple. Starting day 17 I included two photos of our daughters filling goodie bags for the older one's dance class' Christmas party.
I also included the packaging from the candy that we included in the goodie bags as well as a shot of the goodie bags before they were filled up.
As for the right hand side here...well by this point I was completely addicted to the movie Divergent and thus have since then read the entire series so of course I had to include that.
As the final page for day 17 I thought to add in some 'everyday' happenings...homework...eekkk! I thought that it may be important too because even though very soon they would be on Christmas break, they still had to finish their class room work and therefore their homework also.
So there you have it...sorry this took so long to post...hope you like and thanks so much for stoppin' in and takin' a peek.
just B


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