December Daily Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Hello Hello
Fancy meeting you here!
Are you ready? Ready for this torture to be over with? lol... I'm kidding...seriously...but the end is near...seriously!
Okay I'll stop...but wait - first I want to get this out...
"Hallelujah Hallelujah"
yes yes we have finally come full circle with this darn December Daily thing - we are in fact up to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and well not to spoil the moment I do however want to warn you that it's not all that grand of a finale, not like I'd like for it to have been but on with the show.
Christmas Eve during the day I mostly wrapped presents since my girls were out with their aunt and I had a moment to myself without their ever watchful eyes so I included a piece of the wrapping paper I used plus the sleeve from my Starbucks coffee that I had gotten earlier in the morning and part of the packing my oldest daughter made herself to wrap her gift to me in. 
On the back side I added in a couple of pieces here and there but I will be going back to add in what everyone else was doing that day while I wrapped gifts. For the start of Christmas Day I have the journal spot to document that story on but otherwise I wanted to leave the opening of this day fairly simple. 
On the back side I used a Santa Doily that I have had in my Christmas stash for years along with one of the tags that was on one of my Christmas presents. I am thinking that I will also add in one of my long journal strips on the far right edge so that I can have a bit more space to document our festivities.
As for the right hand side I used a file folder and made it a mini journal of sorts right smack in the middle of the page, this is where I added a majority of our photos starting on the front cover with a shot of all the gifts sitting in the living room floor. I opted to not show the back side of this page because what I did to close my album is I took the top portion of each envelope that includes the return address along with the postage stamp from each of the Christmas cards we received this year and did something of a collage with those but with the addresses on there I didn't want there to be any privacy issues so I apologize for not showing it but hopefully you understand.
So here is my final album...
it's freakin' huge
that's one area I need to re-evaluate, I tend to never get anything wide enough at the start so either I'm putting to much 'stuff' in which I believe is some of it or I am choosing the wrong album from the start which is also part of it, I'm going to work on this for later this year when I attempt my Week-in-the-Life album hummph...we'll see how it goes.
Hope you are finishing up your own unfinished projects and albums and seeing the good in all of them.
This is probably my most favorite photo of my December Daily being able to see all the bits and pieces hanging out knowing there are some good holiday memories in there (even if not all of them made it in) and that in doing this album I am aware of some new ideas that I will try to incorporate for next time and learning from the mistakes such as my album not being big enough to start and trying to hard to make it right. From now on I just want my albums to be real and maybe this actually is more real than I care to admit but you know what I mean or at least I hope you do. Thanks for stopping by and taking this long journey with me today. Once again if you find you have a hard time with completing projects, like myself, remember it's okay - there is no right or wrong way to do anything that we can call life art it just is.

just B


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