December Daily 18-20

Hello Hello
I'm back again already yes
I know what you're thinking... "What?...two posts in one day?...have you gone completely mad?" I assure you that I have not, nor have I lost my mind...least not yet but - I did say that I finished my album and I am going to post the completed album today...even if it kills me damn
So where were we? oh 18
So December 18th started off immediately as a Snow Day for both of my girls and being as such we took the day slow and didn't make too much of a fuss.
Of course I did have to include a photo of them all bundled up playing outside. On the right hand side I also included a photo of my view for much of the day as I was up and down the stairs doing laundry as well as other odds and ins.
On the back of the envelope insert I attached a post card I've had in my Christmas stash for years, it seemed to fit in right here so I added it. The next page I left completely for journaling being that we were home all day and other errands didn't get accomplished I figured the least I could do was to not forget about them.
On the back end of day 18 I added in random things just to fill in the spaces. Starting off day 19 I took a photo of our dinner because Friday night is always pizza night in our house, tonight it just happened to be Pizza Hut.
On the back side I included the pay stub of my bonus check from my place of employment, hoping maybe in the years to come I can look back on it and find the joke that I missed 
(it was hardly worth the effort in other words but then again I don't want to seem ungrateful) 
Here you'll see I added in the book cover and a movie image from Divergent and well you know...I had to. Also a good friend of our family  stopped by later that evening to drop off a few gifts that she had had for both of our girls and myself as well so I included the photos that I took while they opened their presents from Aunt Andy, the nickname we've dubbed her with.
On the back side I added a couple more pics from our Advent Calendar Adventures.
Starting off December 20th I used photos of our girls making their annual gingerbread houses. We started this tradition 5 years ago when my little one was born and have enjoyed it every year since then, it's always a good time and a family favorite.
On the back is where I completely started to fall apart, no journaling and nothing written down anywhere so I will be having to go back mentally and try to figure out what was going on in our lives right then and see if I can capture enough to make do.
All in all though I have to say, save for the last 5 days of December this is the best I've ever kept pace with a daily documentation type of project so I am inspired that I do have it in me. Don't get me wrong though I am no where near ready for Project Life or something equally but this has been good for me personally and 'professionally' in a manner of speaking. So hope you all enjoy your day and if you are like myself and find that you have major completion issues, don't fret...there is light at the end of the tunnel you just have to keep heading towards it!
thanks again
just B


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