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Happy Easter!!!

So for today I thought that I'd share with you a recent layout that I've done. For those of you that have followed me for awhile you know that this is not my strong point, but I have been attempting some more so that maybe one day I'll at least feel comfortable doing them.
The layout was inspired by the photos and of course there is a story about those. My husband has a friend, Hose, who owns a photography studio and he knew that I was looking to learn more about my DSLR, so he invited me and my two girls to his studio with my camera and helped me take some photos of them. These two shots are a result of that photo shoot.
As for the layout, I used a couple of pattern papers from my stash and a couple other pieces that I've had laying around for awhile. In fact the frame that says, 'antique charm' is actually from some packaging from a scrapbook something-or-other. And the flower embellishment on the die cut dress I happened to get from my mother-in-law the day that I was working on serendipitous is that? 
Alright well there you have it, that's all I have for today I sure hope you like it and are inspired to create some of your own layouts, even more so if it means using up some of your older stash. 
Thanks for stoppin' in and taking a peek and I'll see you next time.
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