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Hoping that this Spring weather has you all enjoying the rebirth as mother nature slowly awakens the earth from it's winter slumber. 
I thought of what has been capturing my attention as of late and well I am still on a literary journey, reading has become my 'go-to' through out the week when I don't have the energy to scrap and I am enthralled. Currently I am obsessed with the Mortal Instruments series, I am on book three right now and at night I have very hard time putting it down and making myself go to bed (lol)
Just real quick today I wanted to share with you this mini file booklet I made last year sometime when I was bored and had nothing better to do than waste some time - right?
I had two of the Quick Cuts mini files already die-cut so I think I made one more to go with it, then I had used up a scratch pad of paper and had the chipboard back in hand and decided instead of throwing it away it could be used for the cover of my mini files if I created a book out of them...
So that's what I did! I had some tissue collage paper in my stash, I adhered it to the chipboard piece and then folded it in half, the striped twine that you see along the outside is what is holding in my 3 mini files and those are the pages.
How cute is that right? I used a decorative corner punch on the covers, added an elastic band around it so that it would stay closed and considered it done. What die-cuts do you have in your stash that could be used to make 'pages' in a little tiny mini book? Just thinking about this myself, I have another die that I think might make for an interesting mini book, maybe I'll try that one next...
Anyways just a 'thought' that I thought I'd share, hope all of you are having a good week and getting lots of ideas gathered for your next creative endeavor. I appreciate you stopping in, if you have any questions please feel free to comment me, I'd love to hear from any one of you!

just B


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