Growth & Renewal Through Mixed Media

Hello Hello
I'm back...
sorry for the late post I have been busy - I guess - not sure doing what exactly but you know how that goes right?
I did happen to get another mixed media piece done - those of you that follow me on Instagram you have already seen these pics, because I was to excited to wait. 
So this piece was inspired by my best friend, she is absolutely amazing by the way. Recently she has overcome an extremely emotional challenge from the previous two years and this is my way to celebrate her and the growth that she has so bravely faced way before was ever even thought possible. She has been an inspiration to me for many, many years and I could no doubt have done half of what I've accomplished in my own emotional struggles, as well as my own personal goals, without her support. She is my touchstone...
Thank You Tami-I love you
This piece is for you!
(I do hope you like it)
 This is only my 2nd mixed media piece and I am thoroughly surprised...can't say that I even knew ahead of time what it would end up looking like but again I hope she likes it. I was excited when she mentioned that she is liking the teals and greens right now because to me, what with Spring well under way, those colors seem to represent growth and renewal which is exactly the feel I was going for. Also I picked different pieces that all represent that same concept...
flowers (renewal); the arrow pointing to 'take risks' (moving forward); the raised clock (the healing power of time); even the butterfly (the definitive transformation process). 
The stencil I used, ironically enough I picked up at a shop called Red Lead which Tami took me to when I visited her this last Fall. Luckily enough the sentiments on it fit as well:
soulful voyage journey adventure time past present forever tomorrow travel destination north south

So there you have it, I hope you find this inspiring to you as well and perhaps give it a go sometime. The process of mixed media is actually really simple and really a lot of creative play. I have some things that I'd like to improve upon after doing this piece so maybe in my next piece I can focus on those areas that are important to me. I really like collage but that doesn't make me very good at it just yet so that will be one thing that I certainly address, the other is color. I LOVE color and the way colors flow together can speak volumes about the 'feel' of a piece so I can see myself spending some time playing around with this for sure as well.

Alright I suppose this is all I have for today, thank you so much for stopping in and checking this out, hopefully you weren't disappointed. :)
Later in the week I will finally be getting to some more layouts that I have done recently so make sure to peek in at those, and until next time enjoy yourself and your creative side.
just B


Tami said…
I adore it, and you brought me to tears with this post. It's been a difficult 2 years and I could not have made it without you in my circle.

I love you, and thank you! I am in the process of finding the perfect spot for this in the kitchen. <3

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