A Light for Safe Keeping

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And good day to you!
Here's another layout that I want to share with you today.
The photo is from our trip to Maine last August. I am a huge lover of lighthouses, anything coastal really, and so my husband (bless his heart) let me drag him from lighthouse to lighthouse while we were there. This is Marshall Point Lighthouse (a special feature in the movie Forest Gump)  and let me tell you... this little bitty edge of land with this little itty bitty lighthouse on it is...
one of thee most stunning views I have ever seen.
I can't say for sure why I choose some of the things I do for my layouts, but I think in this particular one I knew I really wanted to convey what I was seeing and feeling while I was standing in awe. For me the fastest way to accomplish that was by color. Color absorbs so much emotion and for a lot of us out here in the crafting world there are certain colors that just...
breathe life...
that's the only way I can describe it.
So therefore I used several colors to bring the emotion in for me. The first one is a gray flowered pattern to bring in - quite literally - the gray day we had due to all the rain plus to help capture the abundance of flowers, they were everywhere and beautiful. Then I thought to use the polka dot pattern only for the color factor not necessarily for the pattern. I like it's varying shades of greens mixed in with the teals, then topped off with that little bit of brown because it was a direct reflection of the scenery for me; and then I suppose now that I'm giving it some thought the polka dots actually do kinda tie in with rain drops - in a round about way - no pun intended - or maybe perhaps I did mean it.
Anyways I still need to do some journaling and maybe throw the date on there somewhere but otherwise I absolutely love this layout. It represents a very deep love that I have and sometimes that's what's most important.
Thanks for stopping in and have a fabulous weekend. More layouts coming I promise, plus I am getting really close to finishing a huge project, I'm thinking maybe another week or two and I can finally share so be on the lookout for that as well.
Until next time just B cr8tive!
just B


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