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Good Afternoon from the Midwest! And I suppose I should also say Happy Springtime, even though there are traces of snow melting on my back deck.
In celebration of Spring, I wanted to share this little gem that I did last year probably right around this time, I am in love with this one still. This is a mixed media piece that was a little daunting to begin with but in the end, oh so much fun!
I absolutely love all the texture and layers, and it's even more amazing when you start out how each and everything still somehow manages to show through everything else piled on top of it. My favorite is the cheese cloth, I think it creates the most interesting texture, my next favorite is all the metal. I have loved using metal since I first started scrapbooking, and it remains as one of my most favorite still - in fact I horde most of my metal pieces - sad to say but it's true. I do also like the trim that I added along the side of my piece, wasn't sure if it was going to work out but as it turns out - anything goes when you do mixed media.
I think that the funnest part to watch is the transformation that the piece takes when you paint on the gesso, then once it dries adding on the color sprays - it's absolutely incredible - it's like the whole piece comes to life.
Some of my other favorite elements within this piece are the huge flowers and also the vintage key.
I find my color choices interesting - I'm not much for the brighter warmer colors, usually my 'go to' colors are the cool colors, a combination of blues and greens, but as I said I think I did this one right around Springtime last year and so the colors of the season must have been on my mind. On my next piece I will most likely do the cooler colors that I love so much.
So what do you think? Are you curious? Do you want to try something like this? I say, 
"Go For It!"
There is a video that I found on youTube from Arlene that inspired me, and I am so happy with my results that I will no doubt be doing this again very soon. I think that if you are inspired to try mixed media this is the video to watch for sure.
As you can hopefully see from all of my photos, there is so much you can do when it comes to MM - there is no right or wrong way to do it. You can add pretty much whatever you'd like to add, everything from fabric to metal - chipboard to plastic.
Well this is all I have for today, I sure hope you like.
Thank you for stoppin' in today, hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a fabulous week. Stay tuned later this week, I'll be sharing a vacation album from summer 2012, so you'll want to check that out.
Thanks again!
just B


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