A little upcycling

Hello Hello
and good day to you all
Hope wherever you are at the weather is warm and the sun is shining!
Happy Spring Break To All
We are celebrating Spring this week and my plan is to make a Spring Banner to hang in our living room where I normally hang the Christmas Banner. Also we're planning a trip to the zoo later this week when the weather is suppose to be warmer, there is also a Birthday Party included in our week and my oldest has another slumber party and then...just... whatever else we can think of to do. And because our oldest is on Spring Break - I took the week off from work. YAY me! 
Would you like to know what I got? I got a whole bunch of toilet paper rolls and with that the possibilities are endless.
Ever done a TP mini?
Well now is the time. They are fun, fast, affordable, convenient, and the 6 x 6 papers work well with the size (meaning there is not a whole lot of waste-usually). Not to mention this is good for the environment, up-cycling at it's best, for sure.
Here in the coming weeks I will be sharing some mini books that I have made with a handful of our toilet paper rolls, but as of right now they are still in the works and are undergoing a major transformation. Not sure if I've mentioned that I have a huge project going on right now? But I do. Nothing that I can share as of yet but soon and I hope you won't be disappointed. So far with this project I have made over 20 mini books...yeah...crazy right? Well I have more than 20 more to make...yeah...my goal is to have 50+ ready for a certain event that will be taking place in our community coming the first weekend of May. Just in time to celebrate 'International Scrapbook Day'. Needless to say I am super excited to see how my mini books go over and to see if this is an endeavor that is worth while. I sure hope so! 
(keep your fingers crossed for me) 
Now as for a peek, I think I can manage that! This is what I have accomplished so far with my TP rolls, do they look anything like a mini book yet? They will I assure you, just give it some time. Until then get your craft on and thanks for stopping in.
just B


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