Just a Quickie

Hello Hello
How are you lovelies?
I know it's the start of another work week but I want to brighten your day if I may.
My husband's cousin is getting married this weekend and so I thought to make a wedding card. Besides I've been looking for an excuse to play for a bit with these new Tim Holtz's 
Let me just tell you...
they are fabulous!
For the card here I punched the Trellis die out of textured card stock, then used the die cut frame as a template so that I could place the pieces correctly on the front on my card face. Once I had the pieces adhered I lifted the frame part off since I only had it held down with washi tape.
I added a thin silver ribbon, placed a spray of black pearls, then used a couple of other embellishments, including a paper doily from my stash and called it good. I think that for wedding standards this is a must-do, this die is not only fun but has a ton of opportunities. Depending on the type of papers/materials that you can think to use with it, it completely takes this card to the next level (and unknowingly I covered up half of it-lol). If you are looking for an elegant addition to your stash, you've found it with these little gems.

Well that's all for today...     
                short and sweet! 

Hope all of you have a great Monday and a fabulous work week, we'll hope it goes quick right?
For those of us gearing up for Spring Break, lets take this opportunity to politely ask for some nice warm sunny weather...
I figure this way mother nature has about a week to work on the Spring part of it.
Okay now seriously that's all...
thanks for checkin' in!
just B 


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