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Morning All!!!  
Probably wondering why I have Christmas projects showing today....well I thought that I'd get a bit more caught up.  You see back in October I was working on a ton of Christmas presents/projects and well more than a few got ignored and put on the back burner, some got finished and given as gifts, and some got done and then I just completely forgot about them.
I honestly believe that I totally overwhelmed myself so when December rolled around (after a very long 2 months of cramming) I hit bottom and gave up crafting for the entire month, instead I drowned myself in my favorite book series Twilight for the 3rd - or was it the 4th time through.  I ended up reading all four books again and I said a few weeks back I think I finally have my groove back but it wasn't without a fight.  I had to do quite a lot of blog hopping and Pinterest searching to get my fill of eye candy but once the inspiration was sparked I took off running and well so far so good, I have gotten quite a bit done and have lots to look forward too once I have some of my paid projects done.
But for today I wanted to share with you what I actually did get done, what I forgot about, and then what I ended up putting off until next year.  First things first, the top 2 photos are of my December Daily that I had every intention of doing until the 1st day of December.  For some unknown reason, a spur-of-the-moment decision I just didn't think I needed the added pressure of it so as you may have guessed....this will be my December Daily for this year 2012 and the best part is that the entire album is done except for pictures and journaling...yeah!  And also luckily enough I kept it totally simple so adding those few things in each day shouldn't be a problem.....*keyword* being "shouldn't".....but we'll see.
These next two photos are of the ornaments I made this year for my family to hand out @ our 1st annual Christmas get-together.....I took this photo of them altogether looking so lovely a week and a half after our Christmas party....then I think about an hour later when I was going through all of the dawned on me that I wasn't suppose to still have them.....they were suppose to already be gone and with their new families hanging on trees, not my 7 Gypsies photo thingy.  Yea....this was about the gist of my entire month for December (which in turn made me super relieved that I didn't try to do the December album too).  Aside from not having any kind of mojo...I obviously had misplaced my head as well because it certainly wasn't attached.
And now to bring it all home....this was the only thing that I did finish and was able to enjoy throughout the holiday season.  Not sure now where I even got the idea to do these stacking boxes but I totally love them.  Using the Graphic 45 line was the key for sure, they just make absolutely the most amazing papers ever....admittedly there are a select few that I have no idea what to do with...but on the whole they have a fantastic line and I fell in love with these very classic Christmas scenes; reminded me of one of my all time favorite holiday movies, "It's a Wonderful Life".  I'm thinking that for this year instead of doing something new again maybe I'll add a bit more to the outside of each of these boxes...any suggestions...yea or nay?  Let me know what you think for sure - I'd love to hear from any one of you please.  Just glancing at them now I'm thinking that maybe say for that box on top, where the busy black pattern paper is, turning that side into a photo frame somehow.....then each year I could add the newest family picture in there or maybe the previous year's photo.....something like that.  And then for the opposite side (it also has the busy black pattern paper) doing our family name somehow...maybe in a large bold font....or maybe what would be even cooler is if I could find a picture of the family crest and duplicate it some way.
Any you see how my brain works or lacks work....which is why my thoughts are always so disjointed.  Trust me it's worse when I get in my craft space....I think I suffer from DBMT.....(distracted by many things)...seriously.....I'm not laughing....
okay now I'm laughing.......
but it's still all too true, I am pulled in way to many directions when it comes to crafting, I want to sew, I want to hammer, I want to ink, I want to distress, I want to melt wax and make it do strange things, I want to paint and stamp, I want to die cut lots of things and play around with all of them to see what else I can come up with, etc. etc. etc.  I could go on and on and on and on....
you see what I mean....

Anyways I hope you're okay with me doing a bit of Christmas catch up, my goal for the next few days is to post some of the things I did as Christmas gifts (now that it's safe to share 'em) starting with one that I saved from a very rough draft.  Hope you all will find some time later in the week to pop back in a take another peek and thanks again!
just B


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