Happy Holidays

Hello to all of you Happy Peeps out there...and even those that aren't so....
I have a great project to share with you today.  About a year ago now I went on a weekend scrap book retreat and one of the gals had given me this half mish mash of an album that she had started in a class years ago and never finished, she warned me that it was a mess and had several pieces missing - including the back cover.
Well as luck would have it I loved the color combination and was excited by the challenge so I told her that I would be happy to give it a 'go' - let me tell you - it turned into a wonderful mini album...let me show you.
Turns out even though it was a complete mess (she wasn't lying) it had some solid bones and a really good flow to it so really all I had to do was fill in the gaps and give it a bit of a face lift.
So for starters I made a back cover, I cut a piece of chipboard to size then mixed & messed with my paints until I came up with a color that matched all the papers.  As for the bits & pieces she had given me along with the mini I just used those to finish the pages where she left off.
Here's a quick look at some of those inside pages
Most of these pages were already done they just needed a little bit of 'bling'.
I also added a bit of sheer ribbon to some of the pages too
and I think a couple of silk rosettes
a few word stickers here & there
and some other paper elements that I found in my stash that actually matched as well
and there you have it - a pretty darn cute mini that I was able to save 
here is a look at the back cover that I did have to do from scratch, I put a few pockets on it just so that it would be a bit more useful - what do you think of my paint color - it's a pretty close match I think.
couple of the tags that pull out for journaling or photos.
Here's the front cover that was pretty much already done for me except for a few additions; 
the "Happy Holidays" rub-on, the silver ribbon, the rosettes, and the ribbons along the rings as well as the rings.  As I said all in all I think that it turned out awesome, so much so that I decided to gift it this past Christmas, hope my Aunt likes it and is able to fill it full of photos & memories.
Well thanks for bearing with me, even though this post is way late (my excuse is Pinterest-it's addictive) but never fear I finally got it up here.  Hope you liked my mini and feel free to peek anytime.
just B 


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