Thriving on Ten and Still Counting

Good Morning Everyone!
Hope all of you were able to enjoy an extended weekend having the extra day off yesterday.  I was just happy to make it to the gym solo (no kiddos in tow) after work and even more so after my weekend which is sayin' something.  But a good weekend it was...for sure...not only did I get to go out with a couple of girlfriends (which never happens), I also got to go on a date with my husband (which rarely happens).  We went out to celebrate our '1st date' ten years ago.
I sweet is that......
Amazing....even more so......that I've been able to put up with him for so long......
Just kidding...really...he's actually a great guy...if you can overlook his ornery side.
But anyways enough about him.... on with what I wanted to share....this is a mini book that I made for well...him.....(okay okay really that's enough about him).  We celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary last August and this was my version of a 7 year re-cap.  It didn't turn out to be quite what I wanted but I did learn a whole lot in the process of making it.   
Now I'm not 100% positive that he cares about this (most likely not) but @ least it's masculine, like rugged grunge and even he'd have to admit that I did give it a good effort.  Being that we have 2 girls, 'guy' stuff isn't high on my scrap booking 'to do' you might well have guessed.
But that was the point essentially,  I didn't like that I had no idea where to start when it came time to make something for I gave myself the challenge to create a masculine mini and if it turned out even half-arsed then I'd be good with that.
  I think it turned out better than half-arsed don't you?  I did a little bit of everything & anything that I thought would be cool, so there's lot of distressing, embossing (dry & heat), inking, stamping (masculine images) and so this is what it looks like all together.  Now I will admit that it is a mishmash, there isn't a thing in here that is in any way related to anything else in the book, but I'm okay with that. 
Turns out that I think it's a good representation of our life too, we are very different people he & I, and some would venture to say that we are mismatched but it doesn't matter because somehow we make it work and work well it does....for 10 years now & counting.
So I hope you like what I have shared with you and hopefully it inspires you to step outside of your comfort zone as well and try something new.
As always thanks for stoppin' in and takin' a peek.  If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to leave me a comment and I will get back with you as soon as possible.
Thanks again everyone and have a great 4 day week!
just B


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