Another Birthday Girl

Good Day Everyone!
Just wanted to share yet another birthday card.....this one I made for my oldest daughter last month.  She's 6 and I'm wondering how she has grown up so fast already .... and is it my imagination or did another year just pass right in front of my eyes?
Seriously.....this isn't funny....
I had a good friend tell me once when I was like 16 that the days/months/years start to go faster when you get older and by God if that guy wasn't telling me the truth - he was scarily accurate.
So my next question is, being that we really can't fight against time, how to slow it down maybe just a bit.  The solution that I came up with is to 'try' to: manage it better, make the most of it as you possibly can, and then record all the moments that really tell your story, the great ones and even the not so great ones because they all are apart of you.
I have been doing the documenting now for quite sometime...I just happen to call it scrap booking, but the managing part of it...well let's face it I stink at that and making the most of my time (meaning Quality to me) is something else I struggle with on a daily basis....
But ever determined as I am (mostly) I refuse to give up and keep trying everyday to cherish each moment, to live in the moment so that when the time come to document it I have a very real sense of it and can fully recall all the super special things that took place.
Hope all of you will join me in celebrating the everyday, the boring the mundane, the failures & frustrations, all of it because ultimately that is what matters most.

Thanks for peeking and have a great day!
just B


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