Birthday Girl

Good Morning World!
How is everyone on this fine Friday?  Wonderful I hope!
I thought that today I would share a card I made in November for my youngest daughter's 2nd birthday.  I did a library pocket for the base (the top photo) embossed it before I glued all the edges down and then used one of my Brilliance ink pads here and inked just the embossed image - which gives it a bit of a shimmer.  Next I made the lime green tag to pull out and adorned it with a paper doily and flowers and pearls - this is also where I stamped part of the birthday message.  Absolutely love this - it is so feminine & girly - but the colors are just gorgeous to me.   
On the back of the green tag is the message I wrote to my baby (for when she's older) but I made this green tag a pocket also and so another smaller tag comes out as well and on it has a quote.  Other than saying 'Happy Birthday' there really isn't a whole lot that a 2 yo is going to get out of a super long message so that's why I added a quote instead - granted it's more for me than for my daughter because I liked what it said but also because it so fits her age right now, especially that last line about motherhood.
On the flip side of that same smaller tag, I printed out an 'addition' flash card that I created on my desk top, then added it as well.  I had seen a similar flash card done somewhere before and thought it was a cute idea - in fact I think it was in an October Afternoon collection here but I'm not sure that it's even still available.  That's okay though......because .....we live in the digital age and most any 'office' program will let you re-create anything at will - all you have to!
 So use your imagination and get busy!  =)
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend planned, be safe & Enjoy!  As always "Thanks" for sharing my passion with me and feel free to peek anytime.
just B


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