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Just wanted to share with you this little mini tag album I did a few weeks back, it is still a work in-progress but the over all book is complete. This album is where I will be documenting baby's first month - whenever she decides to join our family. She is due the beginning of November so I'm shooting for the 10th (sounds like an okay birth date 11/10/09) but mostly likely she won't wait that long, we'll see. In addition to this 'month-in-the-life' mini, I also plan on doing a traditional scrapbook album, that one will most likely be of her first year. But in that I will not be doing 1st month, 2nd month, etc. more likely I will keep it similar to her older sister's album where I just used some of my favorite pictures or favorite moments, then track her age in each picture; I will keep it chronological for my own sake, that and I like being able to see the growth & changes as I flip through an album. After her first year I will then just add her photos & layouts to our big family album (there will be layouts in this album too of her first year-the other album is just an extra special one-maybe the one I give to each girl when they move out for the first time or possibly when they get married and start their own families? not sure just yet).

Now it may sound silly but I can't do 2 albums based around the baby (although the mini will be a whole family based documentation) and then not do one for our oldest daughter (who is 3 1/2) so I'm thinking that maybe I'll do one for her about being a Big Sister and all the cool things that means. Like teaching her all the things she knows, and being able to play with her, and when they get older being able to give her advise, etc. I will keep it in a mini format just because that is easier, but also because I don't have a lot of experience being a Big Sister to a younger sister - my younger half sister and I didn't grow up together and so therefore we are not close, so I really only have my experiences with my younger half brother and that probably would not do when it comes to 'sisters', so I will have to keep the album short & sweet - and maybe take some advise from some of you that have younger sisters. If there is something you think needs to be mentioned or is a part of the 'Big Sister' role, please leave me a comment so that I can add it to her album. Or if you are the younger sister and wish there was something your older sister would have done or warned you about, that could certainly help me too. I would love to read what you think, like I said my experience in this is limited, so I'm all ears.

The papers I used came all together in a 6x6 pack so they all matched which made my project easier and it gives the whole album a more consistent flow; also the fact that my tags are only 6x4, I still have a 6x2 piece left from each page to use throughout the book later. My idea is to use a few of my smaller punches to embellish the pages as I go, since the book is already pretty thick I want to keep the extras to paper width and punches would add a lot without the bulk, same with stamps & ink.

As for the cover I haven't decided yet how I want to embellish it, whether I will keep it plain or jazz it up a bit. I am leaning towards the later, I'm envisioning a big flower and maybe a couple of butterflies - something like that, and of course I will have to add some ribbon to the chain - that's a given.

As for the inside pages, this is how they all look now. I think I posted this about a month ago, but I downloaded the pdf file from Cathy Zielske's website and printed off enough of the November tags to complete the entire month, then with my patterned paper pack I covered the backs of each tag. As for the patterned paper, I didn't use any set method, just went to work - trimmed off the excess and have it waiting on the side until I figure out how else I want to use it.
As you can see from the fan of tags, I haven't done anything to them yet, for now they are just waiting patiently for me to fill them in and fill 'em up. That'll be the fun part once little one gets here, and I'm hoping it will give me just enough of scraptime to not go crazy. : )

Above are some of the things I have laid out or laid aside to use in my book. First of all I have the 6x2 patterned paper extras that I saved, these will be what I do my punches out of. I have several stamp sets that will be great for this project, and a couple of inks I think will compliment the patterned papers well. I have set out a couple of punches that will add that character I mentioned earlier without the bulk. Then finally I did set out my mini stapler, I think that it will be small enough not to intrude on the overall look of the album, but be effective enough to use throughout - I don't know - like I said, these are all just ideas that have crossed my mind so far, we'll see what I feel inspired to do once I actually sit down and start documenting.

Well this is it for now, hope you enjoyed. Sorry for such a long delay in the post, but that comes with me being 7 months pregnant, hopefully now that I have lots & lots done I will be posting a little bit more often this month.
Check in again and until then....thanks!
just B


Olive Tree said…
Hi, it's a great blog.
I could tell how much efforts you've taken on it.
Keep doing!

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