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Hello & Good Morning!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. My weekend is today & tomorrow, and I suspect quite like yours, never long enough. I have a busy one again, today baby & I have yet another sonogram, and I am hoping that she will pass all of her tests this time. After that I need to run to the store, because we are out of everything important {fruit & vegetables} so it's definitely time to stock up. Then of course there is the laundry and I should probably run the vacum, it's been a few weeks since that was done last. It's sad - I use to keep a really clean house, but that's the damnest thing about pregnancy, I really just don't care about any of that, it'll still be there when I get to it.

Now as for what I want to do.... I would like to get some more layouts done! Over the last few weeks I have completed several {that I hope to get posted soon} and I hope to get several more done in the next few weeks, but we'll see.

Now as for what I actually have done.... well surprise, surprise, I have all my Christmas cards done. Yeah! Can you believe it? I can't hardly either, but with baby coming the 2nd week of November, I knew that if I didn't start early early they wouldn't get done, so this is what I did during the month of August.

These first few are just odds & ins, trying to use up some of my stash and to get a feel for what I really wanted to do this year. Although these five or six are good, they didn't make the final cut, so only a lucky few of my family &/or friends will get these one-of-a-kind treasures.

The next 4 cards are 80% of what I made, meaning that although the cardstock color and patterned paper are different, the process is exactly the same. I use the cardstock as the base, triple folded it, cut out the center circle, added in a new cardstock color with the embossed image, then added the patterned paper to the front cover, along with the ribbon that slides through the front two layers.

On the inside of each of these, I used the circle cut-out from the patterned paper to add an extra greeting. Some say, "Happy Holidays", others say, "Merry Christmas", and quite a few say, "Be Jolly" - it turned out really nice actually, and brought the front design to the inside of the card. I also put a plain white mat on the right side, inside for the message that I will write when I get to that point - I think that just gives it a finished touch. That is how I make all of my cards though, I like having the mat inside for the simple fact that if I screw up on the message or the greeting, I can take out just that mat and replace it with a new mat and I haven't ruined my card entirely. Believe me, it has saved me many a headaches!

For this last design, a friend of mine had given me the idea and so I had to try it. This type of card has become my favorite for now; in fact over the last few weeks I have made several similar to this. I love the square cut-out with the snowflake hanging in the middle of the cut-out. It's fun and festive, especially with the winter season coming upon us. If I had come up with this one first, it is how all of my cards would've been made, but this was the last design I did and so therefore I only made about 10 of these gems, so maybe next year I can keep this design in mind and repeat it.

Well this is all I have for today, cards, cards, and more cards. Hope you have enjoyed seeing them, and for those of you that may end up with one of these beauties, sorry to have spoiled it for you if I did. : )
Well happy Monday, hope you all enjoy your week and thanks for visiting!
just B


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