Tuesdays with B

Here's the mini I promised to share when it was done!! Yesterday was the last day of September and so this morning I printed off the photos I wanted to add in for my last Tuesday. This evening I'm planning on finishing it with all the journaling done. But I figured why wait when I can at least share the pages and give you the basics. As I mentioned in my last post the covers are done with scrap fabric that I picked up @ JoAnn's and in between the fabric pieces I put a 6x6 white sheet of foam to give it more stiffness and to support the content of the pages; there are 5 pages of card stock and then an updated version of 4 transparencies (before I only had 2). I have interlaced the pages so it reads card stock then transparency, card stock, etc.

As you can probably see the card stock is not the same color throughout the book, I did this on purpose to give it a little more character.

I also made a point to leave the clear pages see through so that you get a hint of what's coming next as you flip the pages, and I think that's half the fun too! On the back side of the clear pages I just used more photos to 'back' the front photo and the other embellishments are reversible so I'm able to use them again on the other side, making them do double duty.

There are some who say not to 'reinvent the wheel' from page to page.... one of these days I'll have to follow that advise but as you can see I didn't in this book. I suppose that makes sense though because it would make the process faster & easier. For now my problem lies in the fact that I like the change up, even if it's not as fashionable to others..... it works for me. Besides the way I see it, if all my Tuesdays in September were the same then I might be more inclined to make all my pages the same, but as you can clearly see each of my Tuesdays were different from each other and therefore my pages are different as well. That's just the way my mind works and that's the joy of scrapbooking, there is no wrong way! YEAH!!!

Another thing you may notice is that all my photos are the same 2x2 size, I used the Marvy Uchida gigi square punch to make my process easier and the journaling spots are random. Some spots I used a clear stamp, others I used the back of the patterned paper that shows through the transparency, and the other I used another square punch.

As you can see my last 2 pages still aren't quite done but I have them in the making as you read. The structure will be the same: simple journaling spot, a few embellishments, and of course 4 photos for the last Tuesday of September. I'm still deciding on how I would like to close the book, whether or not to put something on the back cover, but if I do I think I will keep it in the fabric family (a label maybe).

Hope you enjoyed the book, next week I am planning on doing a post on my fall lay-outs (some old & some new). This time of season gets me inspired by all the wonderful colorings in nature, so I'll send the inspiration along. Also remember the weekend of the 10 & 11 I'll be @ CKC Expo here in Kansas City, hoping to gets lots done there. Until next week have fun, enjoy the cool weather, and just B....INSPIRED!!!


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