Happy Autumn

Hello Autumn, it's nice to see you, so beautiful in all your colors and hues. I really enjoy fall, the weather changing (although I'm not very fond of winter), the change in clothing, all the fun things to do this time of year. Hi everyone, I have returned from my scrap table long enough to do a quick update on where I'm at and what I've been up to. Had to share the photos though 'cause they are just to cool to pass up. Let me think, CKC Expo...wonderful! My girlfriend Angji and I had a great time and maybe didn't get as much done as we had hoped but it was all well worth the effort; and next year we already have ideas to make our time there even better and more productive. I will also opt for not making our day so long, we were simply exhausted when we got out of our evening crop. The good news though is that my idea of preping pages before hand really came in handy and has actually helped me get a ton done at home recently. I think because it has made me focus a lot more on what I actually want to get done. This weekend I plan on doing another post of some of those things I actually did do.
The weekend after the crop (well my weekend: Tuesday & Wenesday) I went to my in-laws and enjoyed their company for a few days. My husband helps his Dad quite a bit in the fields during plant & harvest times, so Liberty and I decided to spend some time too. She simply loves grammie & papa and the family dog, Pumpkin! It's comical to see her with Pumpkin because she's almost big enough to sit still for him but not quite, so he's still kinda jumpy around her and of course that's just adding fuel to the fire for her. Anyways, we had a good time and came home with some goodies, mom hooked me up with lots of pumpkins & gourds to put out on our front porch, and eventually I will get some pics of that to post. All the photos shown today are from the farm, mom has a good eye for decorating.

As for my week so far, well I've been busy running errands and getting ready for x-mas. Gosh that sounds crazy to me - but it's true, if I plan on getting anything done in time for Christmas I have to get started on it now so that I'm not buried when it comes time to start enjoying. And believe me I have lots of ideas, now whether or not they'll plan out is an entirely different story. I have also been working a lot on some of those layouts I mentioned earlier and hopefully Saturday I will have some more time to get them posted for you. I am really happy that creatively things have been coming together faster and easier. Not sure if that's due to me letting go of some of the excess or just a natural course that the path of creativity takes but it works and I like it.

You may notice a new feature on my blog called, "Campaign for Creativity" and well if you're curious, check it out, it's totally cool! Donna Downey, whom I think I mentioned in a previous post, has created this link for all of us out there that are addicted to creative art. She has taken the time to gather us all in one central location. I have checked out a few of the web sites and am totally enjoying seeing how others relate to scrapbooking and crafting. I am even more excited to be on the list of creative links, yeah for ME! Well enough for now, I will attempt to get more posted this weekend so that you can see all of my new layouts.

Until then..... just B..... content!


After I posted this I checked out my "Campaign for Creativity" badge to make sure it is there and working and it is, but getting to the list of links it is a bit more difficult to find than I would have liked. When you click on it from here, it is going to take you to Donna's website and I totally encourage you to check her out, she has some really cool 'eye candy' for scrapbookers. There on the main page click on "Campaign for Creativity" again and it will take you to another page on her site, from there scroll down until you see in the left side bar 'Find Out More' - there you can once again click on "Campaign for Creativity" and it will give you a huge list of blogs that are dedicated to the creative arts. I'm guessing the majority will be scrapbooking because that is how most people know Donna Downey, but she has become more of a 'mixed media' scrap artist and so more & more blogs might be adding in that are just crafters in general. Check it out!


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