Spring Break Remembered

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I'm back with a similar project that I shared a little over a week ago. This one happens to be a wee bit smaller at a handy size of 3.25 by 5.25 - that's pretty small but oh so cute and packed full of memories and things that we had going on the week of Spring Break
 My covers are done using medium weight chipboard then covered front/outside first with a silver stripe pattern paper then inside with a black script pattern. For the binding I used book rings but first I used oversize eyelets to give it more strength. I figured being so cute it would get a lot of attention and I want it to last a long while.
 For the pages I used a white card stock and then cut them all to the same height but instead of cutting them all the same in length I decided to try folding them all in a different way with forward and backward motion, some with flip ups and some with flip outs and I'll tell ya I got quite creative with it. I even created pockets for several of the pages by gluing certain sides of the papers together.
As for the contents of the book well...what did I not put in it would probably be more appropriate.
 I have everything from a parking pass and a drink receipt to clothing tags and the little hard plastic tie thingy from a bagel's bag, there are even tiny art pieces my daughter made for me using some paper flowers I gave to her...so sweet that one 
For my hidden social butterfly personality I save lots of inspiration and eye candy and then attempt to do something with all of them later...usually...so here I have Instagram screenshots that I printed off plus Pinterest photos that I saved and printed off as well.
There's a vintage hair clip that I saved from among my grandma's stuff and then a Beenie Boo name tag that I saved for my daughter. I have scrapbook papers and ephemera pieces and photos from my own camera roll so as I mentioned it is quite full of stuff...I call em' memories. 
Here is a page that flips out with photos of our borax project -> we were trying to grow our own crystals...yeah not something I would recommend unless you have a degree in science or perhaps chemistry...thankfully I only made the glass measuring cup explode and not the entire kitchen...geez the things we'll try for our kiddos...lol (NOT)
Here is a pocket page that I stuck a drawing in and it looks like maybe a screen shot or two 
 This page has a flap that flips up on both sides of the page
 front side flap flip

back side flap flip and although it is hard to see it in this photo that page opposite has a slash pocket
 This page is just a regular page but along the side there to the right I added a hidden pocket, then used my tab punch to give me a thumb notch so that it wouldn't be hidden after all
 Here is another flip out and the vintage hair clip actually keeps the page flap shut
 For the inside back cover I did a pattern completely different than the inside of the front cover - no reason really I just picked out one pattern from my scraps that matched sort of and went with it but I'd almost bet that if I hadn't pointed it out you never would have even noticed, so really it doesn't matter. And there's the lesson for today, try not to get so wrapped up in everything looking just 'right' and go for it...in the end all that really matters is that the memories are there to be cherished and shared
thanks so much for taking a look at my project today - I hope that you are inspired to document even the smallest bits and pieces of your story because you matter and down the road it will matter to your loved ones
just B


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