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Welcome back, I am excited to share a kind of mini scrap/junk journal with you today. The idea came to me last April which is when I am usually filled with lots of ideas and inspiration. I tend to hibernate during winter and don't get much accomplished but this is also when I am scouring all my social threads looking for ideas to make my own and let me tell you, there are a ton of ideas floating around in cyber space, you all are a creative lot for sure. So this is what I came up with.
The base of my mini is the tab blanks that many people use when filing index cards, I like that they have multiple sizes available which are all cut to a convenient size plus I love the weight of the paper itself, it seems to last a bit longer. Also I added in bits and pieces of other papers here and there to give it more room to add in our memories and to hold all the photos.  
 The binding is just two simple book rings and using my Tim Holtz binder punch made it super easy to punch all the necessary holes quickly. I think for projects like this, ones that are more just for the fun, this is my favorite way to bind them, there is no fuss and no hassle. Also I think this is my favorite way to document the everyday happenings around here. I tend to take a lot of screen shots with my phone and I save pins and I snap pictures, this just seems like the perfect format for me to get those memories out of my phone and into my hands so that we can remember them and enjoy them.

 Some other pieces I used were free digital downloads that I found through Google images. There are some catches for using freebies that I've come to expect and to except. For example several sites made me give an email address first before they would let me download anything, most of the time I am okay with this. Another example is that you may only use the freebie for personal use, which also makes sense since you didn't buy it, I'm okay with this also, but it is important to remember those that are free and can only be used by you. For this I created folders on my computer, the free ones go into one and ones I have paid for go into another. But even still, sometimes even the digital content that you have paid for may still only be used by you...just so you know. 

 Anyhow back to this cute little mini, I had decided to print as many small photos as possible just so that I'd have lots recorded and looking back on this the other day while I was taking new photos, I realized again how much I love this simple jam-packed mini.

 Other things I included were bits and pieces from my stash, just random things that really didn't belong to anything else. Which is where the 'admit one' tickets came in - besides that night we attended our school districts 'End of Year Celebration' which our girls enjoy much more than we really so it fit with the theme of this particular page.

Being that May is the fifth month of the year I decided to include a spot that highlighted the top five days of this month, which is fun to look back on now. I have grudgingly decided that I have a terrible memory when it comes to details, dates and times, names, etc so it's good that I have gotten in the habit of adding in that information with more of my newer pieces.

  The inspiration behind this little mini was actually a scrap book line that I still had a little bit of, most of the papers I had already used but I found a number of the paper pieces and embellishments. Once I had those in place I then filled in where need be with photos and ephemera. I love the yellow and blue combination, to me that will forever represent the month of May

Other bits and pieces I added in were clothing tags mostly and a few ticket stubs, the ones from the zoo for sure - also I made sure to add in what we were listening to on the radio and on our iPods at the time because today's music is here in a flash and then gone it seems with whatever else is in. For me I think that's the curse and the blessing in today's age...nothing lasts, this is my

   As for pictures I took random photos of everything and anything, doesn't mean I have to add them in but just in case I need them they're there. I love my Starbucks and so I have several shots of either my mozzarella and tomato panini or my caffeine fix for the day. I included photos of projects I was working on at the time. I also included a screen pic of other peoples photos that I'd saved from a social media thread, I love the inspiration and so it seemed fitting to add it in as well. I even added in several 'selfies' with me, myself, and my girls! 
So there you have it - a mini scrap/junk journal. Hope you like it and more than anything I hope it will inspire you to get those photos off your phone, off your laptop, off the tablet and into your hands.
Until next time...thanks
just B


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