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For today I thought that I would share an older project with you. I believe I made this music file about 3 years ago but honestly I can't remember. My reasons behind it are simple...I love music but some music I love more than all others, those are the ones I have stashed in here. If it ever at any point in my life, thus far, made an impact in my life than this is where I document it. I have Tori Amos first and foremost, followed by Dave Mathews Band, the Sundays, Indigo Girls, Mumford and Sons, Stevie Nicks, Jewel and Journey just to name a few. Soon I will be adding in a few new ones -> Sia, Bear McCreary (Outlander), and Ed Sheeran. I think music is life set to melody and harmony or maybe better put - a genre; could be pop at certain times when times are good and things are going your way, could be the blues when you feel overexposed or heartache, I think indie (in my opinion) would be when times are a bit strange or out of the norm. I love music! I love music that makes me think and that requires me to pay attention, I like music that makes me believe that I am not the only one, that I am normal, I like music that allows me breathing room too that sense of calm. 
 Now that I've said all of that, I should get back to the project at hand. So the way that I started this idea was to take Laura Denison's stack the deck idea but in a totally different direction. I used it to create my file base instead of as a book spine. Having the stacked base to hold my mini file folders in place I think is what gave this one enough support to stand on it's own - it's more bottom heavy than the last attempt  plus the fact that I kept it shorter and had quite a few more files added in. 
 Here is a side view of what it looks like with all of the folders adhered in place and the photo below is a closer look at that stacked binding. The way it works is that the two farthest ends are essentially adhered to the same piece of paper, then the next two in are adhered to the same piece of paper, so on and so forth until you get to the very center of the file - there is only about an 1/8 of an inch width between those two center folders but they are adhered to the same piece of paper. Another way to explain it is to think of the letter 'U' - your two files are sitting on both of the sides, the further you get out away from the center the bigger the gap in the bottom of your 'U' is. In the photo the center of my last stacked 'U' is only 1/8 of an inch, the 'U' on the bottom of the stack has about 2 inches of a gap between it's two file folders. Whoo...I hope that made some since to 
Another thing I did with this one is I added two side pieces of elastic so that there was some give in order to get into the folders but not so much that it would alter the structure to much. I adhered the ends down before covering the inside so that they are tucked in and secure. 
Next I added on two Velcro dots to keep that bottom flap in place and to keep the file closed. I like the two together at each corner it seems much more efficient than the double dots above and below one another on the previous project that I shared awhile back.
 Here is a look from the top, as you can probably tell I have it pretty much full and may have to make another one at some point. Now granted, most of the folders only have one file (library card) in them, there might be one or two that have two files in them but soon I think they may all have two or more in'll see how that works out.
 The mini file folder that I used it actually a die that I have in my stash and unfortunately I do not remember who it is by but there are a ton of online shops that more than likely will have something similar. I cut the die out, put it together the normal way and then cut a tiny strip off the bottom to attach to the sides of my stacked 'U' binding.
As for the files themselves, well I used another die in my stash as well as a 'library card' stamp. On one side of my card I stamped the library image (photo above)then on the other side I saved a CD cover image from Google (photo below) printed it out and then adhered it as my photo. 
I love that I can get a hold of images like this so easily for my own personal use so long as I am not stealing it and saying that it's my work. There are a lot of albums that I have bought over the last several years that I buy through iTunes so I don't have access to their covers like I use to when I'd buy the actual CD so this makes a nice replacement.
So there is my music = life file storage box hope you like it and find it an inspiration to record your own life's soundtrack (no pun intended-well maybe)
Thanks for stopping in and I hope you are enjoying life and counting your blessings.
just B


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